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Marketing should always avoid distracting or annoying recipients by respecting and predicting preferences of contacts. That's why an active permission and subscription management is key. But there are also legal rules which need to be considered. Not only the EU has with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) strict rules which will get very expensive in May 2018 if not obeyed.

Those rules define e.g.:

  • under which precondition and for which purpose a consumer might be contacted,

  • which data might be saved and

  • by when it needs to be deleted.

Source: Council of the EU

To comply with these rules you need to have a central and single source of truth for managing all subscriptions and permissions for all channels. Technically the most challenging issue is that a legally compliant permission check must happen in real-time during the campaign execution.

With a central marketing hub like SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud such a real-time check is build-in. Furthermore you can provide a central self-service which allows a consumer:

  • to see,

  • change and

  • revoke all permissions and subscriptions

  • with build-in double-opt-in functionality.

See the video below to learn how to use SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud landing pages to provide this kind of self service and how to leverage build-in marketing permission and subscription management.

SAP Hybris Marketing does not only provide self-service for the consumers to express their interests. With the build-in predictive score builder it is also possible to calculate the affinity or the best sending time for e.g. e-mail... by considering the frequency of mail opens and clicks.

Finally permission marketing with Hybris Marketing Cloud provides with global suppression rules the ability to define multiple rules which exclude contacts from being contacted:

  • Define suppression rules based on contact, interaction or campaign data e.g.:

    • Contacts which are marked as “do not contact

    • Campaigns which are from business area XYZ

    • Number of mail interactions within last 15 days >25

  • Contacts get excluded from any campaign execution if they meet the criteria

  • Suppressions are tracked per contact and are part of campaign success analytics

  • BADI for onpremise & SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud.


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