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Last 2 weeks, we hosted a highly successful partner event to celebrate the launch of SAP Sales and Service Cloud v2 by our Product Management Team. The event was held in three locations - Hudson Yard, Palo, and Downers Grove - and was attended by 19 partners eager to learn more about our new product.

See below the partners who sent the most consultants to attend this launch:

During the event, we covered that we’re most successful with our SAP Customer Experience portfolio when we sell to existing ERP customers and lean into our industry expertise and specific customer scenarios. Therefore, our go-to-market strategy is industry lead, and our goals are to penetrate our ERP install base and expand the number of our SAP Customer Experience (CX) solutions our SAP CX install base is using.

Our partners heard firsthand that only SAP Delivers Intelligent CX through a One Office approach to Solutions and had the chance to explore how to tell that story.


And the market opportunity for global CX / CRM by 2025 (based on Gartner Forecast*):


Our Cloud Native Stack Solutions platform allows for flexibility to respond with agility to business needs and empower sales and service operations. Our Architecture highlights are:

  • Modern, new cloud native Microservices stack

  • Domain-driven, built around business capabilities

  • HA, Multi-Zone availability, Zero Downtime Upgrades, CI/CD, Feature Flags, Test-driven development, elastic autoscaling

  • Public APIs Restful, internal qRPC

    • API and Event-driven architectures: Asynchronous communication, reliable event bus

  • Micro-frontends (Angular Web Components)

  • Extend Business Functionality

  • Low/No-Code extensibility with Application Plane (AppGyver)

  • Enhancing AI capabilities

Sales Cloud v2

Our vision is to enable the Enterprise, digital and field sales teams by focusing on:

  • Intelligent Insights to build relationships through understanding

  • Maximize results and time-to-value though data-driven contextual guidance that helps guide sellers

  • Streamline sales engagement engaging with your customers across different channels to scale and grow your sales operations faster globally

Our capabilities highlight:

More information on capabilities releases, please consult: SAP Sales Cloud V2 Help

Service Cloud v2

Our product focus areas are:

  • Agent Workspace to handle live omnichannel interactions

  • Case – Designer and Runtime though model and deploy support process

  • Back Office Connectivity enabling track and issue resolution at its source

Our Capabilities highlight:

More information on capabilities releases, please consult: SAP Service Cloud V2 Help

The event was a resounding success, with enthusiastic partners impressed by the insights shared by our team of experts - Renee, Marco, Viswajith and Melissa. The speakers provided a comprehensive overview of the new product, highlighting its key features and benefits and answering questions from the audience.

Here are a couple of quotations from attendees:
"Great Session, very well structured and time well spent! We were able to get valuable information on product roadmap for Sales and Service cloud V2 solutions."

Deepak Suri, President CX Practice at Qnovate

I feel that the training event by SAP conducted for its partners on the newest version of the SAP CX (Sales / Service Cloud) serves the purpose quite well. The SAP folks were not shied away even from the toughest questions from the participants representing several partners of SAP in the CX space. That created a lively atmosphere that made the event very engaging. I enjoyed interactions with SAP CX leads and with people from other SI’s attending the training.

Eugene De Lattes, US Midwest Lead for SAP Sales and Customer Service at Accenture

After attending the workshop, I gained valuable insights into SAP's vision for the Sales & Service Cloud. The demos made it apparent that SAP has completely redesigned the Sales & Service Solutions, providing new capabilities with an API-first approach while maintaining tight integration with SAP S4 HANA. This approach enables SAP customers to amplify their SAP ERP investments significantly.  Undoubtedly, this will give SAP a significant advantage over its competitors.

Bob Meyer, VP CX Solutions at NTT Data

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to over 40 consultants who attended the event. Your support and engagement were truly invaluable, and we are grateful for the opportunity to share our passion for this exciting new product with you.

Below you will find a snapshot of what the attendees found about the workshop:


We would also like to acknowledge the efforts of renee.wilhelm, marco.flores, viswajith.manapetty and melissa.brotto who worked tirelessly to ensure the event was successful. Your expertise, knowledge and engaging presentation style were instrumental in making the event successful.

In conclusion, the launch of SAP Sales and Service Cloud v2 to partners was a massive milestone for us, and we are thrilled that so many North American partners could join us in celebrating this exciting new product. We look forward to continuing to work with our partners to bring this product to market and help businesses worldwide transform the way they work.

To finalize, here is a snapshot of the event: video

See you next time!