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In this blog, we will understand how to organize Work Centers and Work Center Views in C4C. This means, a user can rearrange the order in which they see the Work center (or WC View) names in the WC list.

An important point to note is that these changes can only be done by an Administrator for the master layout for specific business roles.

Let us see, how we can enable this functionality. The admin would need to perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Adapt --> Company Settings.

  2. Tick the checkbox Enable Flat List Navigation Menu in Fiori Client --> Save and Close.

Once you perform the above steps, go to Organize Work Centers and Work Center Views to create a list of which Work Center (and Views) you would like to organize and in which order. Here you would also have the option to make a Work Center (and View) visible/hidden in the smartphone. 

Path: Administrator -> General Settings -> Users -> ‘Organize Work Centers and Work Center Views’-> New.

Here is what it looks like:

Once you are done with the arrangement, you can assign this list to either the Master Layout (which will be applicable to all the users) or to a particular business role.

Go to Assign under 'Organize Work Centers and Work Center Views’, -> Add. A dialogue box will appear like below:

Once you click on Assign to Master Layout, you will notice the Role field being grayed out. Choose the role and the name of the list.

There can be many scenarios, where a particular user is assigned to multiple business roles. That would raise the question, as to which list will take preference. Let us take the example of two lists, 1 and 2 and two business roles, A and B.

Note: Here we are assuming that the work center and work center views in both the lists are same and visible (only the arrangement is different)

Now, we will look at the scenarios.

  1. If you have assigned an organized work center and work center view to a role and another one to the master layout, then the role specific one takes precedence. Example: I have assigned the list 1 to master layout and list 2 to business role A, then the user with the role A will see the Work Centers as organized in the list 2.

  2. If a user has more than one business role assigned, then the first role alphabetically takes precedence. Example: I have a user who has business roles A (which is assigned list 1) and business role B (which is assigned list 2). In this case, list 1 will be predominant as alphabetically A precedes B.

  3. If a user with multiple business roles has different organized work center view names assigned, then the system uses the union operation to hide or show the work center and work center views. Example: Taking the above case, we assume that list 1 has 10 WC and list 2 has 12 WC. Here, the user will be able to see all 12 WC and WC views.

  4. If a business user has created an order for work centers using drag and drop in HTML5 UI then the same order does not reflect in the Flat List navigation mode in the Fiori client UI. They must contact the administrator to re-order work centers.

This feature of C4C provides a more relevant and user friendly experience by taking into account, the requirement and necessity of each Work center and Work Center view for various business roles.