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SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer extended app has a capability to work in offline mode, without a connection to your backend. The user must do a initial sync to use the app in offline mode. The synchronized data is stored locally in the device. The users can perform the actions in offline mode and can synchronize back once they come back online. Not all fields of synced objects will be supported for edit or create, such as owner, or fields originally hidden for the object.


Offline Settings:

Key User can maintain the settings under Administrator -> Offline Settings

Related Data Download:

According to the settings maintained in Related Data download key user can further restrict the download of secondary objects from source to the Target. Key user can choose among the options All, None, Only First Level.

General Settings:

Allows the key user to control the Synchronization using settings below

  • Upload conflict resolution : Can control if you want to “Stop upload and append to error list” or “Continue and overwrite with latest changes”

  • Synchronization Reminder : This will give a pop up to the end user to do a sync.

  • Enforce Online Login after : This will enforce the end user to log in to Online mode according to the number of days maintained here.

Light Sync Settings:

Key user can use Light Sync to improve the Sync performance by avoiding the full sync.

  • For Example : Key user can avoid latest “Personalization updates” to be downloaded to offline during the sync.


Attachment Download:

The Size of attachments to be downloaded to the Offline can be controlled for each Work Centers based on Roles.

Sync Log:

Key User can check the Upload Sync Logs for all the users in this screen. The Upload Errors can be corrected or Deleted accordingly.



How to Analyze Sync Logs:

  • A Key User can check the Sync logs in Offline Settings.

  • Select Upload Errors.

  • Filter the User using the Technical Id for the user.

  • Select the row and you will see the Error Details in the Messages section below

  • You can either resolved the Error or You can withdraw the activity.

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