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SAP is breaking new ground by offering a whole new way for customers to try out its digital software. We recognize that going digital is more than accepting credit card payment online - It means re-thinking how you design and offer products and services to customers. One of the initiatives we have undertaken in the Digital transformation journey is offering a best-in-class trial experience. According to a 2012 Totango SaaS benchmark survey of 550 B2B SaaS companies, 44% offer a free online trial and 41% offer a 30 day free trial. If you are in the digital software business and not offering a free trial – you may want to re-think your digital strategy.

Ok so you got a 30 day free online trial but what makes the SAP D4C trial experience unique?

  • From Purchase to Production in less than 15 minutes: All this without talking to anyone from SAP. Seriously? You bet. You could go from, I want to try right now to I am in the system now within minutes – not weeks.


  • All trial tenants are are private, productive instances:  No sharing of data with other users in the same tenant.


  • Seamless transition from try to buy: Use the sample data, delete it, and start all over again. Whatever your trial usage is, there is no switching cost when going from the trial to paid version.


  • Easy, personalized on-boarding:  in-product guided tours that walk you through the product.


  • Experience the real Product: All trial tenants comes pre-loaded with sample data for a better trial experience so you can make a more informed decision to purchase.


  • Invite your team members to try out the solution: It is as easy as going to Settings à Users à Invite User


  • Watch out for product tips and tricks in your inbox: Get maximum value out of your trial



         Go try SAP Digital for Customer Engagement (D4C) today.