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Hello everyone,

I would like to share with you today a situation that might lead you to some doubts when dealing with number ranges for Sales Quote and Sales Order.

Let us recap how we are able to change the number ranges of a Sales Order, for example:

  1. Go to the Business Configuration work center.

  2. Select Implementation Projects view.

  3. Click in Open Activity List hyperlink.

  4. Search and open Sales Order fine-tuning activity.

  5. Look for the 'Maintain Number Range' hyperlink (as below image shows).

On this screen above we can see the explicit note "Make sure that the number range you define here does not overlap with the number range maintained in the fine tuning for Sales Quotes." Going a little deeper in the technical details, here is what happens:

Sales Quote uses the interval from 0000000001 to 8999999999;
Sales Order number range can start only from 9000000000.

That is what you should be aware when defining number ranges. Also, once the boundaries are set and records are created, the lower boundary cannot be increased anymore - the system needs to ensure that any existing records always have its IDs within the boundaries defined.

Let us think on an example:
- We define the number range from 10 to 100
- We create a record, system defines it as ID 10
- Now we try to define the valid range as 15 to 100

How could the system allow now only valid ID from 15 to 100 if the system already has a valid record with ID 10? That is why the recommendation is to configure the number ranges before the first record instance is created in the system.

We hope this helps you all when dealing with similar scenarios. Bye!