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Product and Topic Expert
Leads — or rather a lack thereof — have long been a bane for any business trying to add customers. Qualifying or vetting a prospect can be an expensive, inexact proposition — particularly without some practical help or resources.

It’s a challenge that SAP understands, which is why we’ve added two new services within SAP Virtual Agency to help partners find and nurture leads. ContactAI (list enrichment) and Lead Essentials (list acquisition) are specifically designed for partners looking to reduce or better control their time and resources focused on the sales pipeline. Market development funds (MDF) can be used for both options, allowing partners to participate with potentially no out-of-pocket costs.

“SAP is committed to helping partners close more business and add net-new customers. The truth is that nurtured leads result in larger purchases than non-nurtured leads,” said Katie Spence, senior director of Global Partner Marketing at SAP, noting the typical reality of most leads failing to convert into sales. “Our goal is to provide partners with data-driven, insightful tools that can make them more successful. ContactAI and Lead Essentials are the latest examples of how we are helping partners find new customers.”

Both services are available now. Here’s a look at each:


This contact enrichment service is targeted toward both marketing and sales professionals, capable of transforming an email list into a much deeper, more accurate contact portfolio. Create more effective, targeted messages that help move buyers from lead to sale – accomplished with valuable insights gained from new information ranging from number of employees, social media profile, bios, keywords that prospects search for on your site, their location in the buyer’s journey, and technologies they currently use.

Lead Essentials

Millions of SME businesses around the world represent the biggest opportunity for SAP partners to attract net-new customers. This list acquisition service helps target better opportunities by providing unlimited searching in one of the world’s largest B2B databases. After a free trial, partners can download up to 1,000 contacts to support their recruitment efforts for as little as $300 a month.

Both services include detailed analytics to help partners refine their digital marketing strategies, create pipeline and ultimately win more customers. The new services will bolster an already robust SAP Virtual Agency platform, said Matt Gawn, sales and marketing manager at ISB Global, a London-based SAP partner.

“Lead Essentials adds more power to the SAP Virtual Agency platform. It simplifies functionality and allows you to drill down to specific segments and extract better data,” Gawn said. He added, “I’m excited to look into ContactAI because the ability to increase knowledge around contacts will make things easier for us. We have a specialized solution so the ability to go deeper and enrich our data would be great. Plus, the fact that it’s there in the SAP Virtual Agency makes it even easier.”

To learn more about how Lead Essentials and ContactAI can help you improve your lead generation and qualification, check out this on-demand webinar.