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This blog highlights videos on SAP Sentiment Analysis and its usage in SAP Demand Signal Management which were published recently on YouTube.

SAP Analyze Sentiments - Introduction

This video under explains short and illustrative what Sentiment Analysis is about and how meaningful insights can be derived from it for your business.


More and more people are active in social networks. At the same time people are increasingly looking for products online before they make buying decisions. The Analyze Sentiments app helps you access and analyze unstructured social media content and derive meaningful insights for your business. Being an integral part of various business processes, for example, in the area of Sales and Procurement, the Analyze Sentiments app is easily accessible from the SAP Fiori Launchpad.

SAP Demand Signal Management - Supported by Analyze Sentiments

This video under describes how Sentiment Analysis can be used in Demand Signal Management. You can consider this to be an example, as Sentiment Analysis can be used in various business processes.


SAP Demand Signal Management gives you real-time insights into market and sales shares of your own brands and products - and those of your competitors.

Sentiment Analysis is an integral part of Demand Signal Management processes. The Analyze Sentiments app helps you to analyze the latest social media sentiments and derive meaningful insights for your business. See how SAP Demand Signal Management and the Analyze Sentiments app work together to help you to make faster and better decisions for your business.

You can find more information on SAP Demand Signal Management under the link