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This is a standard installation, with no customization, of SAP Hybris Commerce recipe "sap_aom_som_b2b_b2c" (Asynchronous and synchronous order management for B2B and B2C scenarios with SAP ERP). The system also contains a standalone installation of Data Hub, which is integrated with SAP Hybris Commerce. The database used for both Data Hub and SAP Hybris Commerce is SAP HAHA and is sitting on the same server.


Please see following link for the guide to access the HANA platform:
The system is intended to be integrated with SAP ERP, CRM or S4HANA for trial purposes. The solution comes following storefronts preconfigured:

  1. B2B Powertools Storefront

  2. B2C Electronics Storefront

  3. B2C Apparel UK/DE Storefront

You get access to a system (landscape) that has been built using the following installation media:

  1. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 (x86_64)
    VERSION = 12

  2. java version "1.8.0_66"
    Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 8.1.014)
    SAP Java Server VM (build 8.1.014 25.51-b02, Dec 28 2015 11:19:52 - 81_REL - optU - linux amd64 - 6 - bas2:260275 (mixed mode))

  3. SAP HANA Version

  4. Hybris Commerce 6.4

  5. Data Hub

    1. Apache Tomcat 7.0.68

    2. Data Hub version:

So how can you get access ?

  • First: You need your own Cloud Account ( e.g. Amazon Web Services) for the trial. Please note that you will incur costs from Amazon.

You will need to enter your Amazon Account details in the Trial Creation Wizard in CAL during the creation of your Instance.

If you don`t have an Amazon Account please do the following:


You can create an AWS account at We recommend using a separate AWS account for the SAP Cloud Appliance Library.

The accounts can be created with the consolidated billing in AWS (in case you have other AWS accounts).


Note that you have several prerequisites for configuring your AWS account:

  • Enable the Amazon EC2 service for your AWS account

  • Your IAM user has the following roles: AmazonEC2FullAccess, AmazonVPCFullAccess, ReadOnlyAccess, and AWSAccountUsageReportAccess

If you have specific questions about the AWS cloud provider, see the CAL FAQ – Specific questions for Amazon Web Services.


Start the trial today on


Please remember the legal restrictions when using these free solutions from SAP: SAP Cloud Appliance Library (CAL) – Trial Solutions – FAQ


So how much will the system cost me ?

  • The software comes for free as a 30 day trial

  • You will have to pay for the Amazon EC2 infrastructure, which is around 4 USD per hour depending on the VM sizes when the system is running. Remember that you have control when the system is running and when not.