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In this era of severe competition and rapid technological changes, it's time to bring the best out of your SAP applications. We're thrilled to announce that come January 31st, 2024Continuous Quality Check (CQC) for Deployment Readiness for Customer Data Cloud will be live and available for SAP Enterprise Support Customers.

With the new CQC for Deployment Readiness, let us mitigate the risks and ensure a seamless start of your production. This  CQC is specifically tailored to conduct comprehensive audits of your Customer Data Cloud settings before your system goes live. This  service takes place remotely, and it's been carefully engineered to identify potential pitfalls and proactively address them prior to deployment.

The new CQC for Deployment Readiness rigorously reviews your solution settings to uncover any vulnerabilities or potential challenges that could arise during deployment. Additionally, it furnishes you with recommendations for optimal configurations based on best practices, enhancing your abilities to make informed decisions.

Benefits of this service:

  1. Identification of potential risks, issues, and concerns before your system goes live.
  2. Assurance of a smooth transition into production by performing intricate reviews of your current settings.
  3. Provision of a detailed service report. This report highlights crucial areas for consideration, and offers knowledgeable recommendations following industry best practices.

Service Provision Methods:

  1. The best method is to directly reach out to your SAP Support representative, who can arrange the CQC services on your behalf.
  2. For customers or partners unassigned to an SAP Support representative, services can be requested through our innovative "Get Support" application in SAP for Me (refer to SAP Note 1296527)

                          - Remote Services can be requested via the new Get Support application in SAP for Me (SAP Note 1296527). When submitting your request, please select:

                                          Product: “Continuous Quality Check & Improvement Services”                                                                        Product function: “Service request for a Cloud Solution”

                         - If you need assistance in submitting your case, you may contact your local Customer Interaction Center (CIC).

                         - SAP recommends service booking of six (6) weeks prior to go-live date in order for the service to be delivered four (4) weeks before your go-live date

Check the infosheet detail available or the CQC support portal and the Continuous Quality Check & Improvement Services in the support portal

For any assistance you may need in submitting your service request, don't hesitate to contact your regional Customer Interaction Center (CIC).

Any questions? Please, contact the Value map team


Mónica Domingo

Global Topic Owner - SAP Customer Experience Solutions