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Key takeaways from our latest conversation with NET2GRID featured on our energenius podcast mini-series!


We chatted with NET2GRID’s Founder and CEO, Bert Lutje Berenbroek! NET2GRID delivers a platform for utilities to gain powerful energy insights and run value-added services using machine learning algorithms on smart meter data. In this episode, Bert shares how NET2GRID has helped utilities see a 3,000% increase in engagement levels with their prosumers, discusses NET2GRID’s holistic model of the AMI service leading up to real-time hardware for premium insights and value add services, and talks about how NET2GRID’s cost-efficient and real-time data aggregation helps SAP utilities customers spotlight their prosumers, EV owners and gain greater consumer insights in order to enrich customer profiles for targeted marketing purposes.

Listen to NET2GRID’s energenius episode on Apple, Google, SpotifyAnchor. 

Here are some of our episode highlights with NET2GRID’s Founder & CEO, Bert Lutje Berenbroek

Customer Success

“In the last two years through NET2GRID’s roll-out in Germany with E.ON, the time that customers are engaging with their utilities increased by over 3,000%.”

Standing Out from the Competition

“We are able to provide energy consumption disaggregation on activity level using standard AMI smart meter data and when using real-time consumption data, with our in-house developed SmartBridge hardware, we deliver this disaggregation on appliance level that still fits in the existing retention and acquisition business case of utilities. We deliver high-quality, AMI and real-time disaggregation at a fraction of the cost- a factor of 10 versus the competition.”

Working With SAP

“Many of our customers are using SAP today. In terms of the billing service, time-of-use tariffs are becoming translated into monthly bills, and maybe in the future likely to be translated into daily bills. The tight integration between NET2GRID and SAP to make sure everything is rationally lean and cost-effective is extremely important.”

On Becoming an energenius

“You need a passion to make this place a better world and make sure we are tackling all of the challenges that the energy transition brings us. We are just trying to deliver our piece of the big puzzle that it is. It is all about cooperation. We can do only so much, and you need to interact with many different partner companies, many different customers, many different stakeholders to make this happen. And it takes a lot of creativity, discipline, and flexibility to work together, but in the end, that’s the recipe to success.”


Learn more about NET2GRID’s solution here.

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