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Last Update:  May 16, 2016

I have switched teams within SAP from C4C to SAP Jam.  I am no longer involved in the certification or training.  For the "Look Who's Certified" I have linked to a new blog that mahuya.paul is now maintaining.

This blog shares my favorite blogs about C4C on SCN.  The blogs may be written by SAP, customers, or partners.    I will break up the blogs by topics and provide a note of why it's a favorite and why you might want to check it out.  These blogs are ones that I have found helpful to me in my daily work. 

Foundation and Platform

Change Projects.  This is a blog series that starts of describing change projects and shows you how to work with them.  Must read blog.

SDK landscape.  This blog describes in detail how Cloud Application Studio projects move throughout your C4C tenant landscape.

Tenant Management.  This blog series describes how many tenants you get with each subscription, when you need to buy more, including a description of what is needed if you are using the SDK or doing integration.

Consulting perspective on tenant management:  Blog by SAP's Americas consulting lead on tenant management.

Multiple SDK solutions in the same tenant. This blog describes the impact of having multiple SDK solutions in the same tenant.

Service Control Center.  This blog describes all the major features in the service control center.

Access Controls.  This is a blog series on access controls including options and types of restrictions available.

Roles, Page Layouts, and Code List Restrictions.  This blog provides a good overview of all 3 and how they work together.

Key users and SDK:  This blog series describes SDK administration functions key users can do.

Extension field types.  This blog describes the extension field types and impact if/when using the SDK.

Language Adaptation: Blog that links to presentation that describes what language adaptation is and how it works.

Multi-Value Code Lists:  This blog describes how to have multiple values in the same field. 

Organzational StructureThis blog gives an overview of the org structure the C4C.

UX Guidelines.  Two documents on designing user interfaces:

Performance in SAP Cloud for Customer: This document describes troubleshooting techniques for performance issues in C4C.

Load testing using HP Load Runner: This document describes using HP Load Runner for load testing prior to go-live with C4C.

Customize Excel Template for data migrationThis blog describes how to customize a data migration template.

Work Distribution Rules.  This blog describes how to use work distribution rules to default an owner in transactions.

Migration of install baseThis blog describes the migration workbench and migration modes for installed base.

SAP Cloud Identity How To GuidesThis blog has some guides for integrating with SAP  Cloud Identity. Near the end is a link for configuring C4C to authenticate using SAP Cloud Identity. 


Table of contents blog for integration.  This blog a list of  all content provided by SAP C4C product team for integration.  This blog won't repeat any blog or document shared in this main integration blog.

External Pricing test drive.  and Opportunity External Pricing  (Integration with ERP through PO) Two blogs written by customers and partners on pricing.  One from the quote, the other from the opportunity.

Account ID's in integration.  and SAP C4C Integration: Achieving BP Replication with Account ID equal to Customer ID in SAP ECC Both of these blogs describes how to keep the account ID's the same when integrating to SAP ERP.

Product ID's in integration.  This blog describes how to keep the product ID the same during integration with ECC.

Mashups: Here are two blogs on HTML mashups and URL mashups.  Both are very helpful.

Lotus notes plugin:  This blog describes configuring the Lotus Notes plug in.

CPQ integration using InMind: This blog is written by our partner InMind and describes the CPQ integration with C4C.

Jam Integration: This blog describes jam integration for accounts, opportunities, and service tickets.

SAP ERP Order Search from SAP Cloud for Service:  This blog provides example code used in the RDS for integrating C4C with ERP and using a mashup for order search from a C4C work ticket.

Replicate marketing attributes from SAP CRM to SAP C4C:  This document provides step by step for replicating marketing attributes from SAP CRM to SAP C4C.

My first experiences integrating SAP Cloud for Customer with SAP Jam  This blog describes how to configure the Jam integration and also links to some how-to videos on C4C Academy. ** New **


Registered products.  This blog describes adding a registered product to an install base or another registered product.

Warranty start/end date with registered product. 

How to add measurements to registered products.

Workflow configuration.  This blog describes using workflow to create email tasks and send notifications.

Cloud for Service.  Our product owner provides links to blogs and to detailed forum questions answered by the Cloud for Service product team.

Solution Finder versus Similar Ticket.  This blog explains both and the differences between them.  There are also some good questions and answers in the discussion of the blog.

Contract SLO versus Ticket SLO. This blog discusses service level agreements and how they are applied in tickets versus contracts. 

Pricing in C4C.  This blog describes both internal and external pricing in SAP Cloud for Customer.  

Work Distribution RulesDescribes how to use work distribution rules to default owners.

Using SDK to default the service ticket header fields:  This blog describes a template created in SDK that can be used to default header fields in commonly used processes, such as service tickets.

Configuration for Partner Channel Management: This blog describes C4C technical configuration for partner channel management.


Report Broadcasting.  This blog describes how report broadcasting works.

Cloud Data Source.  This is a blog series written by SAP and customers on options when creating cloud data sources.

Integration with Business Warehouse. This blog describes the options available if you want to integrate with SAP Business Warehouse for reporting.

C4C Analytics 101:  Blog and recording on using C4C analytics.


Setting up rules for offline data distribution. This blog describes administration functions to configure what data users get when using mobile offline.

Look who's certified!