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Capture TV metrics and include in campaign success

Brand awareness campaigns on TV and video account for significant parts of the overall marketing spend in many companies. Marketers can easily obtain static metrics such as ‘Number of Placements’, ‘TV Viewers’ and ‘Time on Screen’ from advertising agencies during or after the event, but they miss out on dynamic brand exposure information like total duration of brand exposure, frequency of brand exposure during these sporting events which are significant for campaign success analysis.

SAP Brand Impact solution brings this capability to marketers with its advanced machine learning techniques. Specifically, it makes use of innovations in computer vision and machine learning technologies to detect brand assets in moving images and measures their exposure in term of time, on-screen size, location, and additional parameters that influence viewer recognition.

Identify the brand:


All these metrics can be easily returned and loaded into SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud , thus supplementing marketers with a more comprehensive KPI information in one place - the success data of Hybris Marketing campaigns.


The various measures that SAP Brand Impact provides need to be added using the Custom Fields and Logic app. When creating the measures, business context “Marketing: External Campaign Success” needs to be chosen.

For each measure with data a tile is shown in the success tab of the campaign automatically. In the distribution chart all measures with break down by dimensions are available, if there is a time dimension, the measure is visible in the trend chart of the success tab.

More information can be found in the application help.