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For example, I have created a material with the following sales organization and distribution channel id in ERP:

In tcode SMW01, I observed the following sales organization and distribution channel mapped in settype CRMM_PR_SALESA in CRM.

In ERP, these two fields are maintained in table MVKE:

The fields observed in tcode SMW01 are filled by these two lines.

In line 45, the variable iv_crmvkorg already contains the converted sales organization in CRM format.

The conversion is based on ERP sales organization id passed from middleware. The logic is implemented by subroutine below:

Why 0001 is mapped to O 50040102? The table hrv1222a is queried against the following search criteria:

O 50040102 is found because it is marked as SAP ECC Sales Org. 0001.

For distribution channel, it is directly filled with the value exactly from ERP table field MVKE-VTWEG.

After fill, there is a check performed by CRM_PR_SALES_CHECK_DISTR_CHAIN. In my example, the check passes since the distribution channel 01 is already maintained in this CRM sales organization.