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What is Mass E-Mail?

Mass E-mail functionality helps the customer to send bulk emails to their recipients (Target Groups) which can be News, Updates or Alarms.

How does Mass E-Mail works?

  1. Mass E-mail campaign is executed (request in initiated) from Cloud for Customer Tenant.

  2. This request for mass email goes to the SAP Cloud E-mail processing gateway via BSMTP node.

  3. The BSMTP node forwards this request to Mass Email Infrastructure owned by SAP’s Vendor.

  4. In Mass Email Infrastructure of SAP's vendor, the From domain existence is checked.

  5. If From domain exists then, the Mass E-mail Infrastructure will look-up the DKIM key for the sending domain (customer's domain) which is owned by the customer (DNS Server).

  6. If DKIM key is valid, then the mass E-mails are sent to the respective recipients as specified in the mass email request (communication is established between SAP's mass email Vendor and the Recipient's email server).

  7. If DKIM is invalid, then the bounce E-mail will be received by SAP, these are logged in SAP data center.




What is DKIM and its use?

Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) is a method for associating a domain name to an email message, thereby allowing a person, role, or organization to claim some responsibility for the message. The association is set up by means of a digital signature which can be validated by recipients. Responsibility is claimed by a signer — independently of the message's actual authors or recipients— by adding a DKIM-Signature: field to the message's header. The verifier recovers the signer's public key using the DNS, and then verifies that the signature matches the actual message's content.

With Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) based sending you raise the delivery rate of your sent messages to your customers. DKIM is an authentication protocol which verifies the authenticity of the sender of e-mail messages and was developed to reduce spam and phishing.


How to Activate Mass Email?

There are some pre-requisites which should be met from the Customer end after which an incident should be created with SAP for activation. The activation process generally takes 2-3 Business days.

Kindly refer to the blog for more details on the steps for activation.