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CONNECT.SHARE.LEARN was the slogan under which marquee sports brands joined SAP on March 8th/9th in NYC to discuss their objectives and challenges around the topic of fan engagement and how they are using SAP Hybris Marketing today, their plans going forward and the results that they are achieving in doing so.

Participants included representatives from New York Yankees, Madison Square Garden, San Jose Sharks, Vancouver CanucksFC Bayern Munich, FC Zenith Petersburg and Club America, joined by SAP Hybris and SAP Sports & Entertainment Experts.


In their daily efforts of driving the ultimate fan experience and creating value for their brands, some of the key challenges that came up across the board include:

  • Dealing with tons of siloed data that needs to be consolidated in order to get to the golden fan record.

  • Fans are loyal per se, but many in fact are not a customer at all, i.e.:

  • Turning vast amounts of fans / followers into paying customers is a permanent task to tackle

  • Preventing season ticket holders to churn

  • Promoting single day tickets to maximize utilization rate and match day spending

  • Balancing season ticket holder rate vs single tickets available

  • Modernizing the venue to continuously deliver a top class guest experience (e.g. Wi-Fi etc.)

  • Partnering with the respective leagues is critical to create win-win situations for the fans, the league and the teams.

Besides that we learned about specific challenges that need to be tackled:

  • One team is dealing with up to 50 different pricing tariffs in order to maximize sales of single game tickets.

  • Another team provided details on integrating popular local social media channels next to usual ones like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

  • One team that has a huge amount of followers shared that the customer to fans on social media ratio is <1%.

  • Whilst most teams constantly fight to maximize the utilization rate, one club shared that all of their home games have been sold out for the last 10 consecutive years and that they drive a content based internationalization strategy including a subscription based TV channel in order to grow their commercial success.

Selected results achieved today in applying SAP Hybris Marketing:

  • Consolidating data from >50 internal & external systems into one golden fan record

  • Campaign preparation time reduced from a couple of days down to a matter of seconds

  • Significantly increasing utilization rate of the arena by improving renewal rates and better & personalized targeting

  • Up to 33x return on ad spend using integration of SAP Hybris Marketing with Facebook custom audiences

Besides that solution and product management shared most recent updates to SAP Hybris Marketing that will allow for achieving even better results and maximizing the use of SAP Hybris Marketing. The following raised most of the interest:

Analytics: SAP Hybris Marketing has SAP Business Objects as part of the licensing agreement. Standard reports for e.g. to measure campaign success are available out of the box, but the tool provides the flexibility you would expect to easily create your custom reports.

Predictive: There are multiple ways of leveraging the built-in data mining and predictive capabilities. One of the most simple but also powerful ones is building your own scores. Any marketing user can build a score by simply selecting any attribute available from the golden fan record, put a weighting on each attribute and that way develop a score that can be used in segmentation and targeting. More sophisticated approaches leveraging regression analysis, association analysis and cluster analysis allow to drive use cases like product recommendations, up-selling / cross-selling, preventing season ticket holders from churning and others. Yet still all of this happens via a graphical user interface that is easy to navigate for a marketing user.

Mobile: Teams got very excited to hear that SAP Hybris Marketing now includes a mobile SDK which allows to leverage a fan or venue app as another execution channel just like any other e.g. Email, SMS, Facebook etc. Given the high importance of mobile in engaging with the fans and the fact that it will also allow to gain insights from the usage of the app and that way enriching the golden fan record, some of the teams immediately came up with plans to power their fan apps with SAP Hybris Marketing going forward.

Social: We quickly reviewed the on board capabilities of SAP Hybris Marketing in connecting your own social media channels like Twitter, Facebook among others and compared that to as of when it is meaningful to complement the solution with a partner of SAP like Sprinklr. Another highlight of course is leveraging the power of the golden fan record inside of SAP Hybris Marketing for digital advertising via the integrations into Google, Facebook and others. San Jose Sharks have achieved phenomenal results on that one even today. Find the link to their success story at the end of this blog.

Loyalty: A new loyalty module has been introduced to the market over the last year. Besides the basic features that you would expect, it also covers some nice features that will support driving a guest experience that fans expect visiting the stadium like geofencing using iBeacons which allows for location based marketing.

Commerce Marketing: Is a set of features that allow teams to achieve better results by connecting their fan shops with their marketing solution. As an example, the product recommendations and the personalization of the fan shop using SAP Hybris Commerce will be based on the golden fan record that is curated in SAP Hybris Marketing and includes any fan data. Most other shops today do the recommendations and personalization on just the data that the shop creates. At the end of this blog you will find links to fan shops that are powered by SAP Hybris today.

Finally, a big THANK YOU towards the YANKEES for hosting us at their stadium on day 2 and the museum tour. And we learned that one can play soccer in a MLB stadium! It's been amazing for all of us and we will strive for making these marquee and every other sports clubs, leagues, associations & venues an even better run business going forward.


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