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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Unlike the traditional marketing solutions (which use hard-disk based SQL-Servers) SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud can really offer

  • marketing analytics,

  • planning,

  • segmentation and

  • personalized campaign execution

all in one open and in-memory system. This means that data does not need to be extracted and materializied in another system anymore. Instead all data resides int the main memory of your system.

You can get a quick impression on how this is different from the past by looking into marketing analytics and planning video below.

For out-of-the-box reporting you can use the

Irrespective which analytics client you use: All data is directly analyzed and used in the main memory – no extraction, transformation and redundant storage of data needed anymore. So there is no traditional separation of transactional (OLTP) and analytical (OLAP) business software anymore.

Do you want to get more insight? Here is a series of documents with demos which show that SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud is a new category of marketing software:

  1. Why is SAP Hybris Marketing the best end-to-end marketing suite?

  2. Marketing planning, segmentation, campaign execution and analytics - all in one box

  3. Segmentation with predictive analytics, scoring and product recommendation out-of-the-box

  4. Permission Marketing: Manage permissions, subscriptions, suppression rules and landing pages

  5. Context aware marketing content which receives context from omnichannel

  6. Cross channel marketing automation and execution