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Are you struggling with getting the big picture of your marketing activities? You must be creating lots of campaigns but do you ever get to see them side by side in a consumable view? Are you aware of all your programs and campaign overlaps? Wouldn’t you want this all in one place while collaborating with your team?

The wait is over. Welcome the marketing plan to your SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud planning arsenal.

The Marketing Plans app allows you to create one marketing plan per marketing area per calendar year. The marketing plan starts off as an empty canvas to which you can add programs that can be created directly in the app. You can also create campaigns for those programs directly in the app. The app allows you to group all your programs and campaigns in one place, easily share information, work on plans over time, and even get plans approved.

Key features:

  • View by quarter, month, calendar week, and day

  • Filter by date, campaign and program fields including

  • Group by up to three attributes

  • Switch the display currency on the fly

  • Variant management for quick saved views

  • Built-in integration with SAP Jam

  • Assign team members to a plan

  • Submit a plan for approval

  • Navigation from one object to another

If you’re ready to get organized and take control of your marketing activities, let the Marketing Plans app take you there.

Will you plan with the new Marketing Plans app?

Check out our latest video:

For more information about marketing plans and marketing planning, see the application help at or the solution details at
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