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ContactAI is a service available via SAP Virtual Agency that improves campaign performance by validating, enriching and prioritizing contacts in your marketing database. Simply upload your marketing contacts into SAP Virtual Agency and you can select the ContactAI service you want to run. This function offers three intelligent processes to improve the data before it's used in a campaign. These are:

  • Email Validation

After analyzing more than a year’s worth of email data, we discovered that 60% of email goes nowhere. 18% of those emails resulted in a hard bounce (i.e., returned to sender), and another 42% of email that appears valid is actually forwarded to another mailbox, typically when someone leaves the company.

ContactAI validates email addresses before an email is sent to eliminate hard bounce and forwarded emails. In turn, the conversion rate of a campaign will be more accurate, with bad data stripped before an email can be deployed. This service also improves the email campaign results, as an email sender’s reputation and spam score are affected by the bounce rate of past emails.

  • Contact Enrichment

Many companies have incomplete data for contacts in their database and are missing the balance of what we refer to as “business card data.” You may have data such as contact name, title and email address, but lack other critical items like phone number, company and address. Without a complete set of data for each contact, it’s incredibly difficult to properly segment contacts by persona, industry and location. This often leads to using the “spray and pray” method of sending marketing emails to every contact in your database. It’s no wonder that the click-through rate on many messages is so low.

ContactAI enriches your contact lists and form submissions by gathering missing information and filling in the blanks with the latest, most accurate data. ContactAI then intelligently segments the data to help break your marketing database into contact groups that can be used for more targeted sales and marketing outreach.

  • Buying Interest Identification

It can be difficult to figure out the interests of your database contacts and which stage of the buyer’s journey they each fall. Ideally, it would be great to interview each person, but customers and prospects aren’t exactly lining up to be interrogated by salespeople. Reading someone’s digital body language provides some indication of interests, but it only tells the story of that contact’s responses to a specific campaign.

ContactAI provides data at the company and individual contact level to identify their interests and where they stand in the buyer’s journey. Using this information, ContactAI helps score and prioritize leads so that engagement can start when buyers are ready to hear from sales contacts.

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