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Next week, on June 15/16/17, SAP Emarsys will be hosting its second virtual event – Retail Revival.

This 3-day event is packed full of presentations, round-table talks, customer stories and keynote speeches. With over 40 sessions to choose from, in 4 languages and over 3 timezones, there is going to be something for you no matter what industry you work in. 

Here are 4 good reasons why you should be interested.

1. Main Stage Sessions and Keynote Speakers

Each day our main stage hosts industry leaders talking about the key issues in digital commerce today. 

Day 1 – The Future of Retail.

That’s right – we're not afraid to stick our heads above the parapet and tell you how retail is going to look in the coming year. Topics include the effects of tech consolidation, Forrester’s analysis of industry trends, and the new reality of retail. 

Day 2 – Empowering Commerce Anywhere

This is a must-see session if you are interested in what Emarsys really does. Hear from our Chief Product Officer on how we deliver industry-leading time to value, measure and attribute impact, and deliver true 1:1 personalization. 

Day 3 – Putting the Customer Back in Commerce

How do you balance your quarterly business goals with long-term customer retention? Although challenging, we'll show you why it's far from impossible. 

2. Brand stories

We have so many brands participating – literally too many to list here. So just take a quick look at this post and decide for yourself if it's worth your time. 

3. Digital Commerce Broken Down into 5 Key Themes 

To save you time browsing the content, we’ve grouped the sessions into 5 broad themes that will matter to you, whether you’re a retailer, a marketer or a consumer. 

Unlocking the power of first-part data

Marketing that feels like marketing is doomed; third-party cookies will soon be history - marketing that puts the customer at the center is the only way forward. In this track, we’ll be looking at the strategies and tactics savvy brands use to entice buyers to exchange information for value and engage on a personal level. 

Omnichannel commerce and customer experience

Most global retail sales still take place in stores, but the role of the store is changing and mobile is the catalyst. Learn how your favorite brands, your peers and your competitors are reallocating their budgets and finding a better balance among all their channels. 

From email to real-time customer engagement

We’re moving away from linear, one-way mass communications. With more and more data available, companies are building an event-driven architecture that can enable personalization at every touchpoint.

Cross-channel marketing and personalization

We’ve all seen our expectations and experiences as consumers change over the past 18 months - we’ve been overwhelmed with choice in terms of where to shop, when to shop and what to buy. A brand that cannot deliver the same personalized experience across all channels, at scale, will wither on the vine. 

Customer loyalty and retention

Loyalty is overtaking revenue as the go-to metric for success. We'll look at how loyalty programs reduce both acquisition costs and discounts while simultaneously driving up the lifetime value of a customer.  

4 Something for EveryoneEverywhereAll the Time

This isn't a purely European event, we’ve included something for everyone, no matter where you are: 

And although most of the sessions are in English, we are a global company: 

Final Thoughts

Still not convinced? Maybe a quick peek at some of the sessions from last year’s festival – Retail Renaissance – will change your mind. 

Save time registering for individual sessions with a festival pass: 

That's it from me - we hope to see you there!