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      Unit of Measure Mapping


When maintaining code list mapping for the units of measure, it is necessary to map the UM in C4C to the ISO Code of the UM in ECC (Table T006).

Even if it is a best practice to maintain ISO codes for all SAP Unit of measure codes, sometimes, customer don´t have ISO codes assigned to their Custom UM, or have a different one that doesn´t match the UM ID.

The problem

The communication between C4S and ECC is using ISO Codes, not the unit of measure code. This means that in ECC  we try to convert the ISO code by
doing a lookup in table t006 with the MEINS Value i. e “MPC” .

Now, in the ISO column in T006 we have  “EA”, which is not mapped in C4C so the lookup fails.

Example of the Quote replication
idoc in error:


If no ISO code is maintained the IDoc field MEINS should contain the SAP code which is mapped in the Code List

In the example of the first screenshot above, if we send MEINS “MPG”, which doesn’t have any ISO code
assigned, then MPG must be mapped to MPG in C4C.

In the example of “MPC” that has ISO “EA” either you need to pass EA from C4C (maintaining it in the mapping)  or change the T006 entry in ECC.