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Product and Topic Expert
In school, we took classes and were immersed in a subject with a teacher who led us on a path to knowledge, and other students on the same learning path for that class. When we transitioned from school to professional life, we began to learn from seminars, various web content, and occasionally taking a class; but wouldn’t it be great to have access to more structure, teachers, mentors, and peers for learning, like we had in school? Wouldn’t we learn faster that way? Brainpower is everyone’s superpower, so we need to continue learning to expand and enhance our personal and professional development and empowerment; and SAP can help.

School is open!

SAP believes we do learn faster with guidance and from a community. For that reason, we provide the SAP Enterprise Support value maps, which are learning rooms powered by a learning management platform to lead you through the knowledge, skills, and learning services needed to broaden your journey with SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud.

Value maps provide direct access to SAP experts, collaboration forums, high-impact learning, and prescriptive guidance, to help you achieve meaningful results and unlock new potential for growth as quickly as possible. You now have that university community environment anytime, anywhere.

Enter the virtual halls of learning

SAP Enterprise Support value maps help you find quick and easy access to everything you need for learning:

  • Prescriptive guidance for higher efficiency and for allocating the right resources to achieve business goals

  • Expert advice and collaboration with SAP and industry peers in forums and virtual events

  • Empowerment with interactive learning formats to achieve personal growth, deployment, and operational goals

  • Personalized guidance tailored to suit your needs

  • Carefully curated blog posts by leading SAP experts to keep you in the know

From getting started through advanced topics like business process improvement, security, digital innovation, and data volume management, SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud value maps provide the tailored training and advice you require.

Your curriculum on demand

Now, it’s time for school, and you’re the dean of your own curriculum. We hope the learning rooms of SAP Enterprise Support value maps will be your source of knowledge and community with customers and experts from SAP, and will add to your brainpower, which is your superpower.

For even more information, we suggest you also visit the SAP Customer Experience engagement page, which will guide you to a deeper understanding of your SAP Customer Experience solution and a more streamlined enablement experience. If you have a specific question, post it on the Ask a Question page; experts at SAP and in the SAP user community are there to help.