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In order to further harmonize our support processes and decrease our solving time for critical issues we have introduced a new mandatory step when forwarding urgent incidents to SAP Support.

In the upcoming 2102 release of Cloud for Customer  it will no longer be possible for key users to forward an incident with priority high or very high from the tenant's built-in Support to SAP Support  without documenting a valid business impact.

This process  is the same as found on the SAP Support Portal


Here is how this works :


You are a key user ( admin)  and want to send an incident to SAP Support. In  the Administrator Work center, under the Incidents view, you select the incident and edit.


Note: end users can only select priority Low, Medium or high, only a key user can upgrade the incident to Very High.


If you are not already the processor of the incident you will use " take over"  or, as an alternative,  change the status to "start processing" and "save".



After analyzing the incident  and searching for a solution  in the knowledge base, you decide to forward the incident to SAP Support.


In the action menu, select "send to provider"



Since it is a critical issue you decide to select High or Very High priority.

Note: Please  always be very cautious when choosing the priority, selecting  a  high or very high priority when not justified is equal to all passengers of the same plane selecting priority boarding !

If you are unsure, please refer to the below link which is also available in the incident screen in your tenant.

To ensure efficient processing of your incident, please select the appropriate priority.



all mandatory field must be completed, including the application area.



Now add a note for SAP Support ( provider).  This should be a detailed description of the issue with all necessary step and authorization to replicate the issue .



Do not save yet , instead click again on "add" and this time select "Business Impact"



Document  the business impact.  The business impact must be clear and detailed, it should reflect the seriousness of the situation and include the number of users affected, any financial loss immediate or future, any possible deadline, Go Live endangered and any available workaround.


Now click "save" and both notes will be visible in the incident



After saving, the incident status will change to "In process- Provider Action"

A short time after an external incident ID will be created, this ID will be the unique reference you should quote  when talking to SAP Support.



If you fail to add a business impact, you will receive the following error message.



One exception to be noted, unlike the SAP Support Portal where the Business impact can only be added once,  in your C4C built-in support,  the business impact can be updated as often as required !

If your situation changes, if the issue reported is becoming more urgent, if your deadline is approaching or the situation has escalated,  then a new business impact can be added at any stage using the same  button " add" ==> " business impact"


Please note that a Mandatory business Impact is not required for Medium and Low priorities but still recommended .


If you have any questions, please leave a comment .


Thank you for reading !