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Mandatory Action to use Offline Mode in SAP Cloud for Customer, extended edition apps

The November 2018 release has some great new features in our extended edition apps.

After the backend server is upgraded to the 1811 release, certain actions in the 1808 extended app will not work in offline mode.


Changes in mobile framework during the 1811 release requires additional user handling prior to the upgrade.

Suggested Actions

  1. Users must perform an in-app update in the 1808 extended edition app
    by November 2nd 2018.
    After the in-app update is applied, the version should be as follows:Android app: 1808.5.0 (O53C50)
    iOS app: 1808.5.0 (O53C50)
    Windows 8.1: 1808.5.18274.12236 (O53C50)
    Windows 10: 1808.5.18276.0 (O53C50)You can check the version using the following steps: log off from the app; click the Settings cog wheel; check the version mentioned in the About section.
    Note that the app also shows a popup with the version information once an in-app update is applied.


  2. Users must download and upgrade to the 1811 extended edition app as soon as it is available the app store.


Note: As a precaution, for users continuing to use the old (1808) app with the new (1811) backend after November 2nd 2018 only read-only access, data upload and download will work.