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Questions like “What is the probability of the opportunity closing?” or “Has the deal status been upgraded or downgraded?” are all top of mind for sales managers.

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Deal Intelligence is the comprehensive solution that brings sales leaders the insight needed to answer key questions and accelerate sales growth.

What is Deal Intelligence?

With cutting-edge technology from SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Deal Intelligence that leverages machine learning through SAP Leonardo, sales managers will have visibility into at-risk opportunities. They will be armed to close greater than 40% of forecasted opportunities. Deal intelligence will help prevent an inflated pipeline by decreasing the volume of low-propensity opportunities. Let Deal Intelligence revolutionize the way your team sells.

What does Deal Intelligence entail?

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Deal Intelligence features opportunity scoring to help sales managers and representatives focus on opportunities with highest propensity of closing and de-prioritize ones with high risk. With sophisticated machine learning scoring algorithms, opportunity scoring helps you track the probability of an opportunity closing through multiple key factors, an activity summary, and key risks. See the screenshot below of the side panel full of insights regarding the opportunity score.


Key Benefits for Your Sales Organization

Sales Acceleration

·      Prioritize deals with higher likelihood to close with key factor insights

Increased Conversions

·      Adjust engagement activity depending on deal score and insights

AI driven Sales Insights

·      Help sales teams with key insights to help with deal closure

·      Always know who and when to call

Improved Pipeline Health

·      Know which opportunities to focus on and which ones to flag as at risk


Accurate Forecasting

·      Improve planning for at-risk opportunities and predicting deal flow


How does it work? Why SAP?

With one of SAP’s largest assets being its comprehensive data, Deal Intelligence will analyze the data sets from C4C, CRM, ERP, and other sources to engineer features to create a Predictive Model that is automatically generated to be tailored to your team’s data profile. The Predictive Model is applied to provide end users instant opportunity scoring for actionable insight.

With over 40 years of experience, SAP has the business knowledge and a global customer database to feature engineer tools that will help grow your business. Deal Intelligence can confidently notify your sales reps the status of the account, changes in close days, age of the deal, and the sales owner win rate. It has been created to be flexible or customized across different industries and domains.

Sales leaders leverage SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Deal Intelligence to accelerate business growth. Are you interested in leveraging machine learning or have any questions regarding what we're building? Feel free to comment below and suggest what other similar content you'd be interested in!