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What is it about?

You want to learn SAP Commerce Cloud? We have been offering different Instructor Led Trainings (aka. ILTs), either on-site or remote (VLC/virtual live classroom), to meet your role specific learning needs. E.g., these are the 2 most important trainings to learn the technical foundation of SAP Commerce Cloud:

In these ILTs, you will get the best support from our SAP authorized technical trainers to walk you through the difficult theoretical concepts and practical hands-on exercises.

However, what if you don't have dedicated time to attend the instructor led trainings directly, but still want to learn SAP Commerce Cloud in your spare time by yourself? We do have great alternatives for you!

Our spotlighted learning portal (also known as LSC) offers a number of free and well-designed online learning journeys for anyone who wants to build in-demand development skills in SAP. In this blog post, I am going to introduce those learning journeys that are related to SAP Commerce Cloud.

SAP Commerce Cloud Learning Journeys on LSC

For the technical users (developers, technical consultants, architects or technical leads), the following learning journeys are offered on LSC:

These learnings journeys are the most suitable ones for any technical users who start to learn SAP Commerce Cloud, because:

  • In the beginner level learning journey (Explore the Technical Essentials of SAP Commerce Cloud), you will learn the most fundamental knowledge of the SAP Commerce Cloud (aka. Enterprise Commerce Platform/EPC), from configuring and installing SAP Commerce Cloud, learning the most important GUI i.e. Backoffice, understanding data and product modelling, studying the import/export framework and flexible search to work with the connected database, to customizing the most essential levels of SAP Commerce Cloud's backend, i.e. the services and facades level.

  • In the intermediate level learning journey (Expand upon Technical Essentials of SAP Commerce Cloud), you will continue to discover how to build and deploy SAP Commerce Cloud through the SAP Cloud Portal, you will manage Security essentials, and combine event-based communication and Business Process frameworks to customize Order Management processes, you’ll explore ways to implement CronJobs, develop Workflows, utilize data Validation frameworks, and employ the Web Content Management System via SmartEdit.

  • Finally, in the advanced level learning journey (Master the Technical Essentials of SAP Commerce Cloud), you’ll learn to set up and work with SAP Commerce Cloud Composable Storefront, implement a Personalized shopping experience tailored to customers’ interests, configure and customize Search functionality based on Adaptive Search, create and manage Promotions and Coupons, apply the OCC module to develop commerce-driven RESTful web services, create and extend an Accelerator-based site following the traditional process and using AddOns.

In addition, if you are interested in integrating SAP Commerce Cloud with S/4HANA and want to learn the fundamental knowledge, you can check out:

where, you will get an overview of fundamental aspects and features for integrating SAP Commerce Cloud with S/4HANA, recognise the typical integration use cases and learn the integration process steps via SAP Cloud Integration.

Hands-on Exercises & Quizzes

On LSC, not only the theoretical content of SAP Commerce Cloud is presented in different formats (e.g. interaction elements, diagrams, videos, etc.), dedicated hands-on exercises and quizzes are also offered to help you apply and practice the knowledge you learn along the learning journey.

E.g., in the unit of Backoffice, you not only learn the basics of Backoffice, the application orchestrator mode, how to customize and configure Backoffice, but you will also have a chance to perform a hands-on exercise of configuring Backoffice, and finally, you will need to get through quizzes to pass the unit.

Or in the unit of Customizing Order Management Processes, you will first learn the fundamental extensions of order management, explore the predefined order fulfilment process, learn the ERP/Warehouse communication process, so that you can perform an exercise to customize the order fulfilment process, and conclude the unit by passing the quizzes.

Sounds great? let's see how to access the learning journeys next!

How to Access?

As you might have noticed, since LSC focuses on offering free online learning resources around SAP in general, all the previously introduced learning journeys are also freely accessible to anyone who want to learn SAP Commerce Cloud.

In addition to the direct links given in the previous session, you can also navigate to and use the search filter shown below to find all the learning journeys related to SAP Commerce Cloud:

However, the hands-on exercises included within the learning journeys need to be performed in a pre-configured exercise environment on an SAP virtual machine. This requires extra booking on SAP Learning System Access (aka. LSA). For more information please refer to this blog post: LSA (Learning System Access): Yet Another Way to Learn SAP Commerce Cloud.

More Learning Journeys in The Future?

For sure!

Currently we are covering e.g. the technical tracks in 3 proficiency levels for learning the essential knowledge of SAP Commerce Cloud, or the fundamental introduction to the integration of SAP Commerce Cloud with S/4HANA.

We are indeed planning to cover more learning journeys, e.g., focusing on the business user role as well, so that a business consultant/analyst or project manager can also learn and understand SAP Commerce Cloud from the business user's perspective without going into too many technical details.

Last But Not Least

If you want to know more or get informed with the latest update of the SAP Commerce Cloud offerings on LSC, please follow the blog post (or me) by clicking on the “follow” button on the left.

Thanks for reading! and see you next!