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Product and Topic Expert

On behalf of the CRM & CX Product Learning CoE Team, it is my pleasure to introduce you in this blog post to the LSA offerings of SAP Commerce Cloud.



What is it about?

Whether you are a business consultant/analyst or a technical developer, we have been offering different Instructor Led Trainings (ILTs), either on-site or remote (VLC/virtual live classroom), to meet your role specific learning needs.

Some of the popular training offerings are:

However, all these ILTs require participants to take dedicated period of time, usually days to attend them. What if you don't have the dedicated time, but still want to learn SAP Commerce Cloud?

For the theoretical content, various E-Learning courses, handbooks or even related videos are provided, you can find more details in this blog post.

But there remains one problem here: only knowing the theory without practice or hands-on exercises doesn't make the learning complete.

No worry, SAP Learning System Access (LSA, also known as Live Access) provides you with access to live, fully configured and supported SAP training systems to carry out exercises from within the training content, and experiment beyond.

Therefore, we also offer dedicated LSAs for you to learn SAP Commerce Cloud and let's talk about them next.


Who is SAP Commerce Cloud LSA for?

Business consultants/analysts, technical consultants/developers, or anyone who wants to learn SAP Commerce Cloud, but have no dedicated time to attend ILTs, yet still wants to have some hands-on experiences using SAP Commerce Cloud.


What does a SAP Commerce Cloud LSA offer?

  • A live, pre-configured SAP VM with a ready-to-run SAP Commerce Server

  • Learning material on the VM as in normal ILT but used for self-study. This includes:

    • pdfs of presentation slides of the ILT, covering the theory of specific concepts

    • stey-by-step exercise pdfs for walking through the learning journey

    • Specifically for technical training LSA:

      • pre-installed and configured IDE (Integrated Development Environment, such as Eclipse)

      • source code of the exercises and corresponding solutions

  • Further general features of a SAP LSA included (details here)


How can you book it?

LSA is an integrated platform within SAP Learning Hub. Therefore, to start with a SAP Commerce Cloud LSA, you will need to have a subscription on SAP Learning Hub.

For Business Users/Consultants/Analysts interested in SAP Commerce Cloud

go to SAP Learning Hub and make sure you are logged in with an appropriate subscription edition account.

type "C4H320" (C4H320 is just one example. You can also search for C4H34Be, C4H34I, C4H34A, C4H340, C4H341, C4H365, etc. for any other SAP Commerce Courses) in the "Search for learning content" search field and hit "Enter".

Locate the learning card with the Practice on top of the title of the learning asset. Note that:

  • Practice always refers to a LSA entry on SAP Learning Hub

  • You can also find the other LSA entries about SAP Commerce Cloud by searching other terms other than "C4H320", such as "SAP Commerce Cloud" directly

Learning Card For C4H320 LSA

Click on the learning card and go to the asset detail page:

Asset Detail Page of C4H320

You can either click on the "Save for Later", then click on "Start Course" afterwards, or click on "You may also Start Course" directly as shown above.

Now you are entering the course structure page of C4H320:

Structure Page of C4H320

Here you can

  1. go to LSA portal page by clicking on "Access Learning System".

  2. go to "FAQ" page to understand important information about SAP Learning System Access (LSA). Please read them carefully before you book your first LSA.

  3. access to (System) "Setup Guide" which will guide you through the necessary steps later on the SAP VM for the specific asset (in this case C4H320).

  4. access to the "Exercises" pdf so that you can have a first impression about what exercises you are going to carry out when you book the LSA

If you click on "Access Learning System", this will redirect you to the search result matching the learning asset C4H320.

Please note, you can also reach the C4H320 LSA with this direct link.

In the found result you can see the LSA asset again, with the information stating the preparation time of the LSA (in C4H320's case, it is going to be less than 90 minutes).

If you are certain that you want to access to the LSA asset, click on the "Enroll" button to see the necessary information for the LSA system:

Here we can note e.g. the "Available From" and most importantly "Available Until" date.

Finally, if you want to start with the LSA, click on the "Confirm". The LSA system will be available to you shortly, in C4H320's case, you can then follow the step-by-step instructions to carry out exercises on a running SAP Commerce Cloud server.

What about the other LSAs for SAP Commerce Cloud?

We have provided different LSA assets to meet the needs and here are some examples (make sure you are logged into SAP Learning Hub before you click on the below links):


Last But Not Least

If you want to know more or get informed with the update of the SAP Commerce Cloud LSAs, please follow the blog post by clicking on the “follow” button on the left.

Thanks for reading! and see you next!