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The Loyalty Oct update is here, and I am excited to share with you all a long-awaited feature!

A lot of our clients asked us to support different promotion use cases like:

  • Reward purchases at the end of every month with double points!

  • Reward purchases that are done on a Thursday between 8 and 10pm with extra 100 points!

  • Etc.

They wanted the ability to create recurring promotions!

We listened, and now it is ready, the new promotion action including the option of setting up recurring promotions.

When you create a new promotion action, on the Scheduling tab, you can now choose that it should be a recurring promotion:

Recurring Promotion

You can choose between:

  • Daily

  • Weekly

  • and Monthly recurrences

You set up the start and end date, choose what type of occurrence and can also set up between what hours the promotion should be live.

If you are using our Loyalty Wallet, then the action will display in the Wallet with the exact time when the promotion starts or ends:

Loyalty Wallet - Recurring Promotion