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The beginning of the new year is here, and the Loyalty team doesn't stop surprising you.

Improved Points Reward

From now on, if you have a Points & Redemption plan, you can choose per Tier and Actions what type of points you want to reward: Status points, Points to Spend or both. Currently, this is only available if you use Loyalty API V4. The wallet will support this feature in Q1 2023. If you don't see this feature enabled in your suite, please contact support or your CSM to activate it.

Point Type


UI updates

  1. The Loyalty Member Profile includes now pagination, so you don't get lost on all your contact's loyalty activities.

  2. For Actions, Vouchers and Exclusive Access, we added a Search, Filter and pagination to easily find what you need.

  3. We also changed the place of the "Create" button, so it's quicker to create a new Action, Voucher, EA or Tier.

Search, Filter and new Create Button


Automated Voucher Deletion

Loyalty now recognizes when a voucher is uploaded in the sales data and checks if the voucher is a loyalty voucher that belongs to this member. If yes, it will delete the voucher from the member's assets. This means no more old vouchers lying around in the wallet.

To use this feature, make sure that you upload the used voucher codes to Emarsys in the sales data under the field s_coupon. Then go to the desired voucher pool and select the new checkbox: Delete Voucher.