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We’ve got one more new feature to give you this year, and just in time for Christmas! We are excited to introduce you to a revamped voucher system that will make your life as a  marketer even simpler.

The first step that we took is to split Vouchers from Exclusive access, you now have in the main menu the two options separated, instead of having both under the Rewards section.


The next step we took, was to divide the Voucher pool section into 3 different pool types:

Voucher types

  • Voucher for Rewards: This voucher pool can be used as a reward for Actions, Fixed benefits or Additional benefits.

  • Voucher for Points: A voucher that your members can get in exchange for points. A new feature we added here is the option to schedule when this offer should go live.

Offer scheduler

  • Voucher for FreeThis is a brand new feature that our clients have been waiting for! This voucher pool enables you to give vouchers for free to your members according to their tier, without having to create an Event action and an Automation program. You decide:

    • Which tier do you want to give a free voucher to

    • How many times members can redeem it

    • When to schedule it so it should be available to you members

The voucher will appear in a new section inside the Loyalty Wallet, called “Free offers” (In the near future will also have Exclusive access here)

Note: If you just want to reward a specific segment and not an entire tier, you can still use our Event action for that.

Free voucher in Loyalty Wallet

Why have we developed this feature?

We created the Free voucher feature to help you set up a free reward within a few minutes, without the need for an automation program.

Furthermore, using the Event action had the limitation that after the voucher pool became empty, the reward was still shown to the members;  when they tried redeeming it to get the voucher code, they got an error message.

Now, with a Free voucher, you are in total control. Once the pool of codes runs out, the reward is not shown to members anymore, so no more stuck rewards that members can’t redeem!

The new offer scheduling for Vouchers for free/points enables your team to schedule a voucher in the future without the need to manually activate it at the exact time you need the voucher to be live!

More information about the Free voucher, its scheduler, and offer restrictions can be found in our documentation.

If you have any comments or suggestions on this or other Loyalty features, we’d love to hear them.

And make sure to keep visiting our Product Updates page for details on our ongoing development.

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