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Our first Aug 2021 update is out and I am excited to update you with the new capabilities we have added!

Loyalty referral program

We now give you the option to add into your Loyalty wallet some social media sharing buttons, so your members can easily share their personal referral links with their friends.

Channels we have added:

  • Email

  • Facebook

  • WhatsApp

  • Twitter

Loyalty Wallet

To add the channels to your wallet, simply go to the Referral action -> Content tab -> Member form in the Emarsys suite. For detailed information click here.

External Events 

We are excited to let you know that we have added 4 new triggered events for Loyalty, which can be found in your Emarsys account under Management -> External Events. These events are created automatically in your account when you are onboarded with Loyalty.

External events



The new events are:

1) loyalty_tier_downgraded: This event will be triggered the moment contact downgrades to a lower tier.

2) loyalty_tier_invitation_exit: This event will be triggered when a contact moves from an Invitation-only tier to a regular tier.

3) loyalty_points_from_purchase_confirmed: This event is triggered the moment a contact's purchase points are confirmed after the allocation delay has passed.

4) loyalty_purchase_from_referee_confirmed: This event is triggered the moment the referral's purchase is confirmed after the allocation delay has passed.

Why have we developed this feature?

To help you communicate with your members in real-time, so they can take appropriate actions.

For example, when your member makes a purchase, you can notify them the moment they get their reward. This will help to increase your members' engagement with your website, as they will come to check out their Loyalty account to see what they received.

To learn more about the external events and how to use them, please have a look at the documentation here.