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With our 2005 release of SAP Marketing Cloud now Litmus Email Previews are accessible directly within SAP Marketing Cloud - in Content Studio’s Email Lite. Litmus is a solution for driving effectiveness across your digital marketing mix.

Consumers are bombarded with marketing messages; you need to break through the noise and be heard. Litmus gives your emails the best possible chance of breaking through the noise and getting your messages heard so you can analyze campaign performance, improve future email campaigns, and use these learnings to inform your broader marketing strategy.

The integration with Litmus let's you see your email in several email clients.

After designing your Email, you can enhance the build-in preview functionality of SAP Marketing Cloud with extensive capabilities of Litmus with previews of your email in 90+ email clients and devices in just seconds.

See how your Email will display in popular email clients

There are over 15,000 different ways your email can render, depending on the email client and device your subscribers are using. Litmus Email Previews let you see  how your Email will display in popular email clients and devices, ensuring every subscriber has a great experience.  

You will find the “Litmus Preview” in the preview submenu in the header of the content editor. This leads you directly to the integration where you log on with your Litmus credentials. 

No problem if you don’t have a Litmus account yet. You can start a 7-day free trial to start previewing your emails and more. Litmus is not part of the SAP Marketing Cloud license. If the functionality is useful for your business, you need to sign up for a separate Litmus license in the Enterprise Plan after your free trial. 

How to start previews from Content Studio

After logging into your Litmus account, previews of your email will display in the most popular email apps and devices. You can select which email clients and devices you want to test on. Just one example why that is needed: If you are doing mainly B2C marketing Microsoft Outlook on a Desktop will most likely not be that important for you than mobile clients and Email tools like Gmail or Yahoo. 

If you notice an issue with your email in any preview, you can go back to the design tab and change the layout of your email and run a test again. If your email is good to go, you just need to release it to use it in campaigns. 

Limit the functionality to specific Business Users

This functionality is shown by default for all new users in SAP Marketing Cloud. To show it to existing users an additional business catalog is necessary. Please add the business catalog MARKETING_WITH_LITMUS to your business user. You can also remove the business catalog for your business users if you do not want to show the Litmus integration in Content Studio. 

Our tutorial shown below on the Litmus Preview functionality will give you a good overview on how this looks like in SAP Marketing Cloud and how it is being used.

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