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Dear community members,

Today’s online customers are empowered like never before. We are dealing with a “New Kind of Customer” who is socially networked, well informed and empowered through ability to engaging with organizations across a range of touch points and enjoying the benefits that come from greater price transparency, increased access to information, and personalized content from their social networks and online communities.

This is a transformational trend that is dramatically changing the way organizations need to approach customer relationships. There is a need to look beyond traditional vendor-determined relationship management to a community-driven engagement management – both before someone becomes your customer and afterwards too. This is both an opportunity and a threat for companies. Ability to rapidly transform will be key to success.

SAP is most capable of delivering a TRUE Multi Channel solution combining our channel solutions with our market leading business applications

Only SAP offers innovative, market leading functionality, enabling true multi channel consumer experienace, e.g.

  • SAP Web Channel Experience Management (WCEM) can do B2C and B2B and E-Commerce, E-Service and E-Marketing on one single platform, hosting multiple web shops (with potentially all different designs, products, etc).
    • WCEM supports cross-channel scenarios (e.g. buy online, pick-up in store), full CRM integration (e.g. loyalty, campaign management, real-time recommendations, real-time availability checks on store level), Web 2.0 capabilities (e.g. store locator with google maps, ratings & reviews) as well as social plug-ins.
    • WCEM is enhanced by market leading partner offerings for Web Content Management (CoreMedia) and Web Analytics (Webtrends)

  • SAPs Instore MIM capabilities allow store employees to easily deliver on multi channel promise, e.g.
    • Cross-channel sales scenarios (receive order from web for in store pick-up, visibility of stock levels across all stores & warehouses, etc)
    • Visibility into 360 degree view of customer to e.g. fulfill customer service requests (independent of how service request got created)
    • Access to campaigns & promotions as well as customer loyalty information.

  • SAP Point of Sale solution to capture all POS sales transactions and – in combination with loyalty management – use them for cross channel visibility, 360 degree customer view, loyalty rewards, etc.

  • SAP is market leader in Mobile Solutions
    • WCEM offers a powerful webservices framework for customer to develop mobile apps

  • SAP is market leader in CRM (also see latest Gartner report 2012) – No 1 in CRM overall, No 1 in Marketing and No 1 in Service – the two most relevant solution areas for Multi Channel
    • High-volume customer segmentation based on SAP HANA (mention great UI!)
    • Multi Channel campaign management (mention great UI of Marketing Calendar)
    • Loyalty Management
    • Most complete order management capabilities, incl. cross-channel order management processes, real time availability down to store level, (customer specific) pricing, configure-to-order, etc
    • Full service capabilities
    • All CRM capabilities are integrated into channel solutions
    • Channels take full advantage of market leading CRM, unlike with our competitors!

  • SAP's leading Interaction Center solution empowers interaction center employees to deliver consistent customer experience
    • Visibility into 360 degree view of customer/ relevant transaction history to best support customer in specific situation
    • Access to knowledge base (SAP or eGain) to deliver high-quality support to customer inquiries
    • Full integration into end-to-end service processes
    • Provide real-time, predictive cross-sell and up-sell bundled offerings leveraging SAP RTOM

And the story doesn't end here. Multi Channel remains a key strategy and investment area for SAP.

There are BIG things to come - stay tuned!


Ingo Woesner

Dr. Ingo Woesner
Product Management - Multi Channel | Application Innovatio

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