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Two years ago, in September 2018 we were super excited to launch our enablement platform Two years ago, we had no clue about the amount of microlearning videos we would be producing! Just to give you an idea of the great work the SAP CX Enablement team has been doing, we’ve put some numbers together:

Since the platform launch, we have produced 376 hours of content (that’s 6x the length of the entire Game of Thrones saga!)

That allowed our customers, partners, and SAP employees to consume a total of 55,000 hours of content which means 2,291 days or more than 6 years!

In 6 years, a human new-born develops into a child, learning to crawl, walk, talk, and so much more. 6 years is enough time to complete a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree! For most people anyway…

In any case, 6 years leaves plenty of time for development. We’ve now only just completed our second year but are currently preparing for our next stage...

Stay tuned!

Our TOP five most popular videos

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  3. Introduction to Spartacus

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  5. Introduction to Customer Data Cloud

If you have any questions around Customer Experience enablement or want to give us feedback on our videos, get in touch with us!