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CancerLinQ LLC is a wholly-owned non-profit subsidiary of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and was created to give oncologists a robust quality monitoring system that collects and analyzes data from all patient encounters. But it also gives us the ability to learn from every one of them so that we can work to meet our goal of delivering to our patients the highest possible quality of care. At ASCO, we continue to promote and provide for lifelong learning for oncology professionals, and we will always support cancer research. CancerLinQ® allows us to build on this mission and our global network of oncology expertise so that we can make a tangible difference in the lives of people with cancer.

ASCO and CancerLinQ® have worked with openSAP to create and deliver a new, free course The Future of Genomics and Precision Medicine on the openSAP Thought Leaders platform. This course will contain two weeks of content: Understanding Precision Medicine and Precision Medicine and Beyond. In the course, you will learn about genetics of cancer, precision medicine and targeted cancer treatments, as well as gaining insights into how CancerLinQ® has the potential to learn from every patient to help keep up with insights from developing science. The course is mainly aimed at oncologists and cancer practices but is also open to everyone interested in learning about cancer and how big data can help us to share information to alleviate the burden of this disease.

The Future of Genomics and Precision Medicine is now open for enrollment and the course begins February 14. Registration, enrollment, and learning content is provided completely free of charge and all you need to sign up is a valid email address. The course will consist of videos, self-tests, discussion forum, and a course assignment (required to be completed by March 14 if you would like to earn a Record of Achievement).  In the discussion forum, you can discuss the course content with the experts and your peers participating in the course.

Sign up today to learn more about CancerLinQ® and
The Future of Genomics and Precision Medicine.

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