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In this blogpost we would like to highlight for you our top tips on How to add or change S-user ID authorizations in SAP for Me.   

 To start a little more information on Authorizations: Authorizations are permissions required to fulfil certain support-related tasks to use the support applications that are offered in SAP For Me. Most authorizations contain the user's right to perform a specific task, and the level at which the user can exercise this right. Example: A user may be allowed to create cases for one particular SAP product that your company has licensed (represented by an "installation"), but not for others. Software download is granted only at the customer number level and cannot be changed. Refer to the Authorization Concept Help Topic HERE for more details. 

  • Authorizations are assigned by a super, cloud, or user administrator for your customer number (see KBA1271517).

  • Administrators can only assign authorizations that they have. 

  • You cannot edit your own authorizations.

  • Authorizations are assigned automatically at the highest level.

  • Some authorizations can be assigned at different values/levels such as Global (highest level for your company), CCoE (for CCC Groups), Customer, Installation Number, or User as described in the above-mentioned Help Topic.

1.As an Administrator, you can add or edit other users’ authorizations from the User Management application via: 

  SAP for Me:   

2.Find the user via the Users search option or simply locate the user on the Users list .

3.Click the user to open the user details screen (the checkbox in front of the name does not work when you are modifying a single user) 

4.Click the AUTHORIZATIONS tab and click edit (pencil icon) 

Authorizations are grouped by task (e.g., Incidents, System Data, etc.). There are several options for assigning authorizations: 

  • All - Click the All button to assign all authorizations

  • By task (g., Incidents) - Click the checkbox on the main row of that group. For example, if you click the box in front of     Incidents, it assigns all incident related authorizations.

  • Select individual authorizations - Click on each authorization individually

5.For this example, click Incidents. Authorizations are assigned automatically at the highest level (Granted for All Customer Numbers and Installations) as you see here: 

6.If you want to leave the authorizations at the default level and are finished, click the Save icon on the top right of the AUTHORIZATIONS section 

Change the authorization level 

Some authorizations allow you to assign them at a finer (more granular) level. For example: You may want to allow a user to only report incidents for one particular SAP product that your company has licensed (represented by an "installation"), but not for others. Note: Software download is granted only at the customer number level and cannot be changed. 

1.Follow the steps above, except on Step 5, click the authorization you wish to modify the level of. For example, click Report an Incident to change it to a specific installation number (product) level. 

2.Click the + sign on the right, make your selection and click OK. 

3.Use the back button of your browser to go back to the AUTHORIZATIONS page. You will notice now it says "Restricted to some customers and installations". 

4.If you are finished, click Save on the top right of the Authorizations section and exit the user details screen. 

  • OR if you have more authorizations to assign you can continue to modify each one individually, then click Save

  • OR if you want to assign them the same exact way, click Copy Levels and continue with the next steps

5.If you click Copy Levels, the Select Authorizations screen will appear. Only authorizations where the level can be changed will appear. For example, Software Downloads will NOT appear. 

6.Click All, or individually select the authorization(s) to copy the level to

7.Click Select

8.The Approve screen will appear, if you are sure, click OK

9.If finished making changes to the user click the Save icon on the top right of the Authorizations screen

                                                 Thanks for reading!  

We hope you found this useful. Please note that theCustomer Interaction Centeris always happy to guide you on any of the mentioned processes and assist you with any queries you may have.  

If you have any questions, please post in the Q&A (Question & Answer) section here: All Questions in Customer Experience | SAP Community and All Questions in Support Services | SAP Community 

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