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Product and Topic Expert


We're talking with some of our colleagues from the Labs team to hear what they’ll be working on in 2020. Among the discussed techs is Zefiro, which is all about automated negotions and a lot of AI. Then Valentin Vieriu and me have been looking into No Code - Low Code and we're sharing out thoughts on how NCLC can democratize access to technology. Finally, a technology that we'll soon be following up with an in-depth episode will be Web Components, an emerging set of web standards that are modularizing the web - with great success already as major browsers such as Chrome and Firefox already fully support these. 2020 promises to be a great year for Web Technologies and Web Components is a strong contestant. For our special - just a quick peek into the future - we'll be talking to Peter Muessig from the SAP UI5 team about their Web Components and we'll share his thoughts and insights.


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