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Interested in learning more about SAP Support but don't know where to begin?

Start now by registering to our next webcast!

Join our next webcast to get a jump-start into all services and tools available to you from SAP Support.  Everything in this session will help to familiarize you with SAP Support offerings and get you up and running! 

 The Getting Started with Support Webcast is the first micro-learning of four (2. One Support Launchpad Overview, 3. Self-Service and Incident Prevention 4. Incident Management) in our webcast lifecycle that aim to educate and empower our customers and partners to fully utilise all SAP support resources and tools.  Learn more about the our other webcasts here: Customer Interaction Center (CIC) Support Webcast Series ( 


Why is this for me?   

If you are a new customer with SAP or simply a user that would like to enhance their customer experience with SAP, then this webcast is for you.  

In this webcast, you learn how to successfully engage with each resource that is available to you from SAP Support. We explain the different tools and applications, show how to navigate between the ones most applicable to you and your organization e.g. downloading software or requesting license keys and give you all the information you need to successfully engage with our 24*7 available Support Team. 

Our range of Next Generation solutions mean you never have to ask a question, and if you do have a question, you receive an answer instantly. The webcast will guide you through these Next Generation Support Tools to ensure you are getting optimal use from each one.  

Here is a brief overview of the topics that are covered in the 30-minute session: 

  • Customer Interaction Center (CIC) Overview 

  • Introduction to the SAP One Support Launchpad 

  • User Management & Universal ID 

  • How to Download Software 

  • How to Request a License Key 

  • System Administration 

  • Self Service and Support Channels 

  • Contacting Product Experts 

  • Creating the 'Perfect Incident' 


Is there anything else I should know?  

The session is live and interactive which means you can ask any questions you may have at the end of the webcast. The session is delivered by a Support Expert from the Customer Interaction Centre.  

If are interested in attending the webcast offered in a different language, you can check the On-Demand replays which are offered in a variety of languages here Support Webinars | SAP Support 


When is this webcast being offered? 

The Getting Started with Support Webcast is on May 19th, 2021 at 11:00 CET - 12:00 CET 

Don’t miss out and sign up now by clicking here. Feel free to share with your colleagues, management, partners and customers.  


Thanks for reading and look forward to your attendance in our next webcast!