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Limitations as of 1911 release

The below feature are limitations as of 1911 release and planned to be fixed in an upcoming release.

  1. Adding mashup to custom (key user created) work center views

  2. Configuring custom sort order for code lists

  3. Adding cross BO additional (PSM) fields

  4. Changing column span for section

Features discontinued and alternatives

Use Transport Management instead of Content Transfer

A Key User will need to use Transport Management feature to move the page layout and other adaptation content across tenants. The HTML5 client feature of Content Transfer is discontinued with 1911 release.

The transport management feature is much more robust and provide more flexibility to move the adaptation content across tenants.

Use Language Adaptation to change field labels

A key user will need to use language adaptation to change field, section and tab labels. The HTML5 feature of changing field labels in the master layout is discontinued with 1911. Language adaptation provides consistency and single source to maintain UI labels and translations

Copy & Paste of sections/tables from one tab to another

The feature is discontinued because of the inherent issues it had in the HTML5 client. A new function of moving the sections/table from one tab to another is being planned to be provided in an upcoming release.