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Do you want to market your product more successfully? Are you wondering how to attract prospects and customers?

One easy way to keep your prospects and customers engaged is to use Drip campaigns!

Drip campaigns is a form of automated campaigns that allows you to send, for example, multiple emails to your contacts at regular intervals of time. The contacts will receive these emails in a timely fashion until the campaign ends.

The drip campaign sends, or "drips", a pre-written set of messages to customers or prospects over time. These messages often take the form of email marketing, although SAP Marketing Cloud supports both - email and text messages.

Why use Drip Campaigns?

Here are some compelling facts about drip campaigns:

  • Content: The primary goal of drip campaigns is to deliver the right content at the exact moment. It takes into consideration the interests of your users; instead of sending the same generic email to everyone. For example, if a user signs up for a training, a drip campaign could send them multiple emails with details about the training.

  • Nurture leads: Nurture prospects until they are sales-ready. If a prospect has been hovering around your website for a few weeks, a drip campaign could send them series of emails sharing relevant information about the product. This will keep the prospect engaged and motivate them to take action.

Here’s a classic example of how you can nurture contacts using drip campaigns:

In the example above, you first share a white paper with the prospects. A few days later, you share an overview video that provides insights about your product. You then continue to engage with them by sharing an e-book. This is followed by an email with a link to sign-up for your product demo. By dripping the right information over a period of time, you are keeping your prospects engaged and guiding them through the buying process.

You can also use drip campaigns for:

  • Promoting your product

  • On-boarding new users

  • Testing interest of users

How to Create a Drip Campaign?

In SAP Marketing Cloud, you design drip campaigns using the Campaign Designer. The Campaign Designer helps you to automate the manual and time-consuming tasks. This means that you set up the emails and schedule when each of them will be sent out. You then forget about it!

Check out this video to understand how you can design and monitor drip campaigns in SAP Marketing Cloud:

You can also refer to the SAP Help document to know how you can implement drip campaigns.

Running a drip campaign can help you build trust with your users. Rather than sending a generic email to all, you put your users in different funnels and run campaigns for educating prospects or welcoming new customers or promoting certain pieces of content. The content is more relevant, so it feels more personalized!

Have you tried using the Drip campaigns functionality in SAP Marketing Cloud yet? Go ahead, give it a try!