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We're thrilled to announce a special edition of the Labs Talk podcast – "IoT ChitChat with Marc Pous," featuring our hosts Sven Haiges & Andreas Neumeier along with guest Marc Pous from Balena. The episode, scheduled for Mar 20 at 15:00 CET, promises a deep dive into the intricate world of the Internet of Things (IoT).

In the upcoming session, our esteemed guests will unravel the current state of connectedness in the ... realm, shedding light on the latest trends and challenges that define this dynamic landscape. Marc Pous, a true IoT superstar, brings his wealth of experience, having founded and currently contributing to Balena's secure container-based technology stack.

The conversation will explore the profound influence of IoT on Customer Experience, delving into how innovative solutions like Balena's empower developers to shape, deploy, manage, and scale fleets of IoT Linux devices securely. The hosts and Marc, having shared the Oktoberfest of Things workshops in Munich, bring a unique blend of technical expertise and a touch of camaraderie to the discussion.


As businesses increasingly pivot towards sustainable practices, the podcast will also touch upon the pivotal role IoT plays in shaping sustainable initiatives. From reducing environmental impact to optimizing operational efficiency, the impact of IoT on sustainability is a crucial aspect of the conversation.

Mark your calendars for this insightful podcast episode that promises to unveil the intricacies of I..., discuss the current trends, and explore its transformative influence on Customer Experience and Sustainability. Stay tuned for a riveting discussion that goes beyond the surface of technology, providing a comprehensive view of the IoT landscape.