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It is my great pleasure to introduce Emarsys to the SAP Community!

What is Emarsys?

Emarsys is a cloud-based, omnichannel marketing platform that was acquired by SAP in November, 2020. We help digital marketing leaders and business owners — at more than 1,500 companies — rapidly achieve targeted business outcomes by automating highly personalized and engaging omnichannel customer experiences.

OK, but what does that actually mean?

Well, Emarsys, or more accurately SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement, tracks customer interactions with your channels and on your web shop, matches them against a massive statistical model (we're 20 years in the business, you know) and makes accurate predictions both on how and when consumers like to be reached, and on what conten tis most likely to elicit a response.

The result? Happy and loyal customers and a great business model for our clients.

That's what they all say...

Yes, I know, you've heard it all before. But we stand by what we say, and you can check it out for yourself:

Even better, post a question on our new topic page and let other SAP users respond for you.

And if digital marketing is something that interests you, why not sign up for our second digital festival, Retail Revival, and hear from the experts what we can expect from the second half of this year.

Fine, I get it, but why did SAP acquire Emarsys?

The Emarsys platform fits perfectly into the SAP Customer Experience solution.

Whereas the SAP CDC identifies the customer across digital channels and stores how they want to be engaged, and the SAP CDP builds a unified profile of each customer across front- and back-office touchpoints, SAP Emarsys is the solution that lets you engage your customers directly with highly personalized omnichannel journeys.The relationship between SAP CDC, CDP and Emarsys

Built into the solution are actionable omnichannel automations, crowdsourced by leading brands, and covering more than 40 retail use cases, with native strategic reporting including revenue attribution by channel, to increase customer lifetime value and drive loyalty.

As SAP Customer Experience President Bob Stutz puts it: “With the strengths of our current solutions and the integration of Emarsys, SAP Customer Experience will power a foundation of omnichannel personalized engagement, meeting customers where and when they choose to engage, on their preferred channels and on their terms.”

What should you do now?

Get to know SAP Emarsys better!

  • Visit our SAP Community topic page

  • Reach out to one of our Sales team to learn more

  • And follow the tag SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement so you don't miss any updates on this channel.