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Let me introduce myself – my name is Varun Agarwal and I have been supporting SAP Customer Relationship Management for the past 4 years under the CRM 7.0 Web Client UI area (CA-WUI*) and work together with Product Support and development colleagues from around the world to help our customers run better.

It is no secret that Belize Theme based on Fiori 2.0 has been in pipeline for SAP CRM 7.0 Web UI for a long time now and that it would be made available to customers from EhP4 SP 10 onwards. I would like to inform you all that this highly anticipated Skin is now available for our customers as EhP4 SP 10 has been released for the customers.
Unlike previous Web Client UI Skins, Belize is not just a Skin but a theme itself. It introduces new features and slight changes to existing features that need application adaption to fully benefit from the harmonization offered by Belize.

Belize Theme gives a modern look and feel to WEBCUIF based CRM 7.0 applications and unifies their visual aspect with those of SAP UI5 applications.

What is different in the new theme Belize?

Belize introduces several changes, like:

  • Fiori 2.0 look and feel (Belize theme)

  • Redesigned WEBCUIF shell (Header and navigation side panel)

  • New features with adaptive responsive behavior

  • Redesigned layouts and UI elements

  • Improved personalization

  • Complete re-design of all icons including reduction of colors.

  • Replacement of icons on buttons in footer toolbars by texts

  • New design footer areas including new visualization of messages

  • Introduction of "Closing" and "Finalizing" actions in the footer area

  • Enlarged metrics and font size: Belize uses a row height of 32px which is significantly larger than in previous themes.

For Interaction Center related business roles following changes apply:

  • In Fiori 2.0 based Belize theme the broadcast messaging “ticker” in the footer of the interaction center UI is replaced with the new notifications area.

  • To be compliant with Belize theme design paradigms please note that color and font settings for broad cast messages have no effect in the notification area of the Belize theme.

  • The expired broad cast messages are not deleted but moved from filter tab “unread” to tab “all” of the notification area.

  • Fiori 2.0 design based Belize theme is not enabled for usage in CRM Business Roles where communication enabled business processes are activated.



For detailed information on the design changes in Belize, refer to link


Application Adaptation

An application developed based on an older theme will still work with Belize, but without any adaption it might suffer from disadvantages in usability.

However, despite major design changes, the adaptation effort required is at zero-to-low level. Also, we are preparing Knowledge Base Article’s for customers with sample solutions.
Now how can you activate Belize Theme?

This requires an upgrade to SAP CRM 7.0 EHP4 SP10 along with few additional notes. Also, please note Belize Theme would not be available on lower releases/SP’s. You can refer to SAP Note 2628638 Availability of the Fiori 2.0 Visual theme in WebClient UI Framework for further detailed information.

Once upgraded, please share your valuable feedback on Belize theme.