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I decided to write a blog series about recurring user errors with SAP Contact Center installation. These should give you first ideas on how and where to troubleshoot yourself.

If you are new to installing SAP Contact Center, follow closely SAP Contact Center Introductory Training, Parts 1 and 2 on SAP Service Marketplace for best results.

PART 1: Certificates, SQL and Prerequisites


Note! Check from Control Panel that all prerequisites have installed properly. Several Microsoft components use the same installation media name, vcredist_x86.exe. If you store those into the same download folder, a new one will overwrite the previous.



Postmethod errors when installing SQL server

These result in a “Connection to SQL server has failed” -message.

  • Have you chosen all required SQL/prerequisites components to be installed?

  • Is your instance name spelled correctly?

  • Do your database collations match?


Issues with database connectivity

Do you have errors in your logs like this (DataCollector):

08:02:17.329 (11844/Main           ) ERR> Failed to refresh virtual unit instance parameter values

08:02:17.329 (11844/Main           ) ERR> SQLExecute failed (/01000/[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][DBNETLIB]ConnectionWrite (send()).|/08S01/[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][DBNETLIB]General network error. Check your network documentation.) : Connected = [false]

-                           This indicates a general issue with your network. Check that ODBC connections to your SQL server work.



Active Directory Certificate Services cannot be accessed

Make sure that compatibility mode is on in IE. See the red rectangle below,

Compatibility mode in IE


Old certificate does not work

If your certificate has worked before, but stopped working suddenly, check certificate properties in mmc.

  • Go to mmc => Certificates => Person => Certificates => double-click on the SAP Contact Center Client/Internal certificate and check that it has not expired.

  • Do the same for your SAP Contact Center Trusted Root Certificate. Go to mmc => Certificates => Trusted Root Certification Authorities => Certificates => double-click on the SAP Contact Center certificate and check that it has not expired.


Certificate validity


  • If a certificate has expired, you need a new one before SAP Contact Center can be used again.

  • You can also check the remaining certificate validity for TRACE level Connection Server logs. Search for text “will expire after” and you will see the remaining validity in days.

  • Refer to SAP Note 1841819 – SAP Contact Center 7.0 Extending SAP Contact Center certificate validity time.


New certificate does not work

A newly created certificated does not work. Check the following:

  • There is a yellow exclamation mark over the certificate.

  • If the certificate details read “You don’t have the corresponding private key for this certificate” ok “Windows does not have enough information to verify this certificate”, see the image below, it will not work, but you must redo the certificate.

Non-working certificate


Note the following:

  • Certificate request (Certreq) has to be created on the server where the certificate will be used. If you just copy the certificate over to a new server, it looks like the image above.

  • Is there a yellow question mark on the certificate? Trusted root certificate may be missing. Client certificate installs normally, but the root certificate is not visible in its properties, see images below.

Working certificate, showing also root certificate


Non-working certificate. Notice the yellow exclamation mark and missing root certificate


  • Check that the issuer's certificate is also known to the client's PC. If you have self-issued CCtr certificates, then the CA may not be known to the client.


X.509 certificate creation

See Advanced Training configuration guides on SAP Service Marketplace:> Installation and Upgrade Information -> Guide Folder ->SAP Contact Center Advanced Training Configuration
These are the most common issues under these topics. Next blog will be about IA and HAC.