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Part 3: CDT, call recording and voicemail


My third blog is on CDT related issues.


SAP Contact Center Introductory Training, Parts 1 and 2 on SAP Service Marketplace are really good guidelines for new installations.


CDT does not open or stays on “waiting”

Make sure that:

  • You have a working certificate installed also on the client.

  • Your web server IP address is maintained in IE Trusted Sites and the Custom level settings are correct.

  • Check your Windows firewall and virus scanner settings.

  • There is no Google toolbar, or some other software with pop-up blocker installed.

  • Website VU: COS certificate common name, IP addresses and ports are correctly entered and there are no empty spaces in front of any of the parameters?

  • AgentFE VU: “Internal server certificate in use” box has been checked and certificate names are correct.

  • Agents VU: Agent server mode has been set to “Phone user mode”

  • Clear the IE cache, close all IE windows, reopen and retry. Try to login from another PC.

  • Restart Agents and AgentFE VUs.

  • Look into client, COS and Agent Server logs for relevant error messages on the failed login attempt.


CDT does not load, "Authorization Error, Contact Administrator"

Check the following:

  • The client certificate is valid and properly installed.

  • Website VU: in remote admin tools the Connection Server IP (Front End) has been correctly maintained.

  • Certificate has not expired. You can check it at mmc => certificates => local user => trusted root certificates => double-click on the SAP Contact Center certificate.


Certificate validity

  • Look into your Connection Server logs for anything relevant. If necessary, try restarting with debug level logging so you can confirm whether COS has any issues with your certificate.


CDT login – “Incorrect or Missing terminal”

Check that:

  • Client components are on the same SP version than server components and you have not limited acceptable terminal versions by configuration.

  • ActiveX settings are correct.

  • Website IP address in correctly maintained IE’s Trusted Sites.

  • Connection Server certificate is valid.

  • Look into client logs for relevant error messages.




Call recording stopped working

The problem is very likely with the user rights related to writing to disk share, or reading from it. Check:

  1. A new file is stored into the share when a recording is made.

  2. That file can be opened by CCtr account

  3. CCtr user has proper user rights to access the recording. Check in SC that user has rights to: listen to recordings and manage contact history


Voicemail does not play in CDT

Make sure the voicemail was recorded properly. Search for the CallID from Monitoring, locate the recorded file from the share and try to play it with another player like VLC player.


If the actual recorded file is not broken, it is possible that something goes wrong when the file is moved from the share to workstation for listening:

  • CDT requests the recording from Agent Server when Listen-button is clicked.

  • Agent Server checks user’s rights to listen to the recording and downloads the file to CDT.

  • CDT saves a temporary copy of the file to local temp-folder, %temp%

Check that the temporary file is received correctly by playing it with media player.



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