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As a Support Engineer I want to cover the importance of taking a few minutes to describe more the incidents you raise to SAP in the future. I want to highlight a few topics that you can explore while writing down your situation that can help us help you better in the end 😃

    • Screenshots: Please attach screenshots every time possible. If we from Support are seeing exactly where you were when the issue happened, it can help us act faster.

    • Error messages: Strictly aligned with the upper topic, please, paste the error message description in the incident. One of our first actions in the support is to search for Knowledge Base Articles related to your error specific message.

    • Steps to Reproduce: This is key in our support analysis. If we cannot reproduce what you are experiencing we cannot apply our analysis tools to its best work. Also, if we need to involve our developers in the investigation, the dialog in a non-reproducible scenario is hindered. Sometimes a click or a field that was not mentioned by you will make us go by the steps and not see the issue you are reporting.

    • Permission to reproduce the issue: Your tenant, your rules. It is extremely important to inform if you allow us or not to reproduce the issue in your system. By reproducing it we might be creating data in your side, for example. In productive settings this is even more important to highlight.

    • Users involved: if you are facing an issue, does it happen with all users or only a single one? Since we need to reproduce the issue to do our best analysis work, this is important. If we can go ahead and reset the password of the affected user, please inform this 😃 If somehow this could be done only outside the user's business hours, it is not a problem to us. We work in the 'follow the sun''' method, sometimes a colleague in other location can help us in these cases. Today we have a great feature, the 'Login as Another User' where you can create a test user for us to see what another user in your system exactly sees 🙂 In case allowing us to reset a password is a problem, consider this.

    • Contact information: Is there any phone number that we can reach you? Would you like us to call you to provide you updates along the way? Or maybe is there a specific day hour that we should reach you? Speak your mind 😃

The pointers above can make us reach a conclusion faster this way - consider them for your next raised incident.

Thanks for the attention, opening up the discussion below in the comments section. A great day to you all!