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To create an incident on the SAP ONE Support Launchpad you require an S-user ID with specific Incident Management authorizations assigned to it. Authorizations can be assigned at different levels such as Global, CCoE (for CCC Groups), Customer, Installation, or User.

What authorizations are required for Incident Management on the SAP ONE Support Launchpad? 

Report an Incident, Send Incidents to SAP, Display Incidents, Display all Incidents and Close Incidents.

Report an Incident: Users can create incidents for systems under the specified authorization level and reply to their incident that was sent to SAP already.

Send incidents to SAP: Users can send incidents to SAP that were created for systems under the specified authorization level and edit incidents for systems under the specified authorization level.

Display Incidents: Users can search / display incidents that were created for systems under the specified authorization level.

Display all incidents: Users can search / display all their company's incidents.

Close Incidents: Users can confirm the solution provided by SAP for incidents that had been reported for systems under the specified authorization level.

However, to create an incident for a Cloud installation (e.g. SuccessFactors incidents)
S-users not only need typical authorizations (e.g. create/close/display incidents, etc), but they must also have an additional authorization called "Display Cloud Data" for each cloud installation (e.g. SuccessFactors, etc).

For more information, see 2598170 - What is the Display Cloud Data authorization? - SAP ONE Support Launchpad


Who can assign these authorizations?

You cannot edit your own authorizations.  Authorizations are assigned by a Super or User Administrator for your customer number and they can only assign the authorizations that they have themselves.

You can find the names of your company’s Super Administrators in the  My Important Contacts section in the SAP ONE Support Launchpad.

For further guidance please also see the blog- How to find your Super Administrator - Here

You can also request authorizations from your Super Administrator using the self-authorization tool. You can find more information here 2891528 - How to use the Self-Service Authorization Request.


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