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In the new 2002 release the incident Auto-closure logic was changed in C4C and ByD built-in support. Incidents will now be automatically marked as complete and closed after 14 days if no change was made to incidents with status “in process” with customer. This is already stated in  the 2002 release notes.

Business Background:

In the standard built in support model, incidents are created by the end user (requester) and sent to the key user (processor), if the issue cannot be solved by the key user, then the incident is forwarded to SAP (Provider)

This will also applies to Customer Competence Center (CCC) and Central Help Desk (CHD)  scenario.


  • Incidents sent to SAP can only be completed by the key user or the end user from the tenant itself, Auto-closure will not happen if the incident is on SAP's side with status “In process- with provider”

  • Incidents on the customer’s side, with either the key user or the end user and with any of the below statuses will be automatically closed if no change is made to the incident after a pre-defined period of inactivity.

Important note:  An incident is considered for closure only if no change at all is detected. This means no change of status and no new note added.  Any change of status or new note added will reset the clock to zero.

Before closing the incident, the system will send notifications to the incident processor (key user or end user). This notification is activated by default in the Business Task Management for Incident Management fine-tuning activity.

For details please see the document: “Notification – Incident Overdue [for Processor]” in the Help Center

What was the logic in 1911 and earlier releases?

A background job will run every day and will check:

  • the status of the incidents

  • the time duration since the last change

Notifications will be created and assigned to the incident processor at 30 days and 60 days
If no change is detected on day 90, the incident is automatically completed- This will no longer be the case in 2002

What is changing in 2002?

From ByD/C4C 2002 release, the incident auto-closure will happen after 14 days of inactivity.

A single notification will be created after 7 days and the incident will be marked as completed after an additional 7 days if no change is detected. The notification will be sent to the processor of the incident.

The notification will be visible in the incident:

Detail of the notification:


What are the reasons for changing the current behavior?


  • Avoid incidents not being processed for long periods of time

Incident sent back to the processor or provider after several weeks or months are often out of date, may refer to older versions of the application and are difficult to analyse.  Error and system logs have a limited time validity and a root cause analysis may only be possible with a valid system log.

  • Keep incident list up to date and accurate

Key user must have a clear overview of the existing backlog of open issues. In no circumstance an incident should remain untouched for more than 14 days.

  • Speed up incident processing and avoid “idle” incidents

When an issue is reported it is the responsibility of the incident processor (end user/key User) to keep the incident up to date, provide the requested information and answer to questions as quickly as possible.

Technical issues and product errors are often time critical and must be addressed without delay.

  • 14 days auto-closure is in line with SAP product support best practice for highest priority incidents.

Incident survey:

An Incident survey link will be sent by email to the key user once the incident has been closed from built-in support. It will take an average of 10 minutes before the email containing the link is sent. In this survey you will be able to rate:

  • Your overall experience with the support engineer processing your incident

  • How easy SAP made it for you to get support

  • How your issue was solved ( if solved)

  • Your satisfaction of the product itself.

When an incident is auto-closed, the survey will also be created and sent by email in the same format.

The link is only available for 3 days so we recommend not to wait for auto-closure and always set your incident to complete as soon as you are happy with the answer. You will then receive the form early and rate our support services based on a the immediate experience.