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“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realise it themselves.” — Steve Jobs



Listen, Understand and Act

We are living in an experience economy and companies that make experience their business are outperforming the competition. So it is important to listen to the customer by collecting experience data from every meaningful touchpoint, understand the operational root causes and act by closing the experience gaps.

SAP Customer Experience gives you visibility into the operational data (O-data) across the end to end customer journey. Combining this with experience data (X-data) received as customer feedback, Net Promoter Score and so on, we can run intelligent analytics to gain insight, spot opportunities for improvement, and close the experience gap.


Quote-to-Cash Experience with SAP Qualtrics


Going into details of this integration, the Quote-to-Cash flow involves SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP Sales Cloud, SAP CPQ, SAP Qualtrics and SAP Service Cloud. Following is the architecture diagram showing interactions between the various systems:


SAP Commerce Cloud Integration with SAP CPQ

A customer's quote request in SAP Commerce Cloud is sent to SAP CPQ for further processing. This integration is available as standard with SAP Commerce Cloud (see SAP CPQ Integration Module). The processed quote is sent back to SAP Commerce Cloud for customer review and action. If the customer accepts the quote and completes the checkout process, feedback is collected on the overall experience.

SAP Qualtrics Integration with SAP Commerce Cloud

The following steps are involved in this integration:

  1. Create a survey project in SAP Qualtrics

  2. Create a Website/App Feedback project in SAP Qualtrics that intercepts the SAP Commerce Cloud storefront with the survey

  3. Copy the Javascript deployment code from SAP Qualtrics to SAP Commerce Cloud

The sapqualtricsaddon extension is not available out-of-the-box, and can be created from the yaddon template extension (see Creating Add-ons). This allows the survey to be displayed in a responsive window on the SAP Commerce Cloud storefront.

Once feedback is collected, intelligent analytics capabilities of SAP Qualtrics is leveraged to perform sentiments analysis. Insights thus gained can be used to meaningfully engage with customers.



SAP Qualtrics Integration with SAP CPQ

SAP Qualtrics can make instant Web service calls on receiving survey responses. iFlows in SAP Cloud Platform Integration can be configured with basic authentication to extract, transform and send data to SAP CPQ.



Following these steps in SAP CPQ to enable this integration:

  1. Create a custom attribute in the Quote object to capture customer feedback sent by SAP Qualtrics, see Quote Item Custom Fields.

  2. Create a custom Action and modify the workflow to enable the Action, see Custom Actions.

  3. Create a custom Notification and associate it with the Action, see Implementing Notifications and SAP CPQ API. This enables an email notification to be sent to the sales representative, when SAP CPQ receives customer feedback from SAP Qualtrics.


SAP Qualtrics Integration with SAP Sales Cloud

SAP Qualtrics also sends the customer feedback to SAP Sales Cloud, so that it appears as a notification to the sales representative. These insights from previous interactions, gives the sales representative the required edge while engaging with the customer. iFlows in SAP Cloud Platform Integration are created to extract, transform and push the data to SAP Sales Cloud. See more information on OData APIs exposed by SAP Sales Cloud.



The way people interacts with brand has changed. There is a new generation of consumers who no longer tolerate brands who nearly react to customer problems or can't give a personalised customer experience. SAP Qualtrics is capable of giving this dynamic and personalised experience for our  customers. Tailoring SAP Qualtrics to lead-to-cash process make it more engaging, provide predictive insights and understand the key moments of the customer. SAP Qualtrics can be seamlessly integrated to the overall quotation process in lead-to-cash flow.