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As you might know there is two out-of-the-box Email Service Provider (ESP) interfaces you can use to send marketing mails triggered from Hybris Marketing Campaign Execution.

- SAP Mobile Services and
- Amazon Simple Email Services.

Since we got many questions around how Hybris Marketing handles the feedback and responses from the ESP, we'd like to provide some detailed insights based on the Amazon example.

The table below the lists the potential negative response codescoming from Amazon SES while trying to deliver the the marketing mails to the target group members assigned to the Email Campaign.

Based on the codesin the right column, in Hybris Marketing Interaction Types (left column) with respective reasons (second from left) are created in the system.

Only the hard bounce would result in an invalidated email address (facet) in the interaction contacts' golden record.

Soft bounces would not trigger actions out-of-the-box. However there is a BAdI which could be used (CUAN_IMPORT_IA_4_IC) to implement custom logic based on the respective interaction type.

Sample coding is available for “EMAIL_BOUNCE_HARD”, so it is very little effort to implement something similar for “EMAIL_COMPLAINT” – just a few lines of code.


Interaction Type Interaction Reason Description Amazon SES response code
NO_EMAIL Target email address does not exist

IF lv_bounce_type = 'Permanent'.

'General' OR 'NoEmail'
SUPPRESSED Email was invalid before

IF lv_bounce_type = 'Permanent'.

EMAIL_BOUNCE_SOFT ATTACHEMENT_REJECTED Rejected due to suspicious attachment 'AttachmentRejected'
CONTENT_REJECTED Rejected due to suspicious content 'ContentRejected'
MAILBOX_FULL Mailbox is full 'MailboxFull'
MESSAGE_TOO_LARGE Message is too large for the inbox 'MessageTooLarge'
EMAIL_COMPLAINT ABUSE Unsolicited email 'abuse'
AUTH_FAILURE Email authentication failed 'auth-failure'
FRAUD Potientially fraud 'fraud'
NOT_SPAM Mail was classified as spam before 'not-spam'
VIRUS Mail might contain a virus 'virus'


Implementation Class: CL_CUAN_MKT_EXEC_EMAIL_AMZN

Implementation Method: PROCESS_RESPONSE_BOUNCE